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  1. Thanks for that. No phone call today up to now.
  2. Thanks for that. I don't bank with Barclays, Thank God.
  3. Thank you for your replies. CCA first then SAR. In the mean time i will also send the telephone harrasment letter to Calder or to Barclaycard. I am presuming I make the PO payable to Barclaycard as well, is this correct.
  4. I have been having conversations with the above about a creditcard debt. I made them a very small offer which they have refused. They want me to pay 1% a off the debt a month which is £25. I cannot afford to pay this amount. Calders are ringing back tomorrow as they said last week I needed to go over my finances very carefully to see what I could cut back on. She suggested I should stop Sky services( didn't say I had it anyway) or stop my broadband. She even said that I should not pay so much to my Council tax arrears as they were taking a disproportionate amount. I should pay them instead a
  5. I have not got a solicitor just an advisor from the CAB. This is to the law company for the mortgage people. I have admitted because the admission form has been sent back to the solicitor so there is little i can do except protest. 14th October 2009 Dear Sir, I wish to bring to your attention the stress and strain and additional expense your company has caused us needlessly. The matter concerns a mortgage shortfall originally of £ 19000 aprox The court papers were issued originally 29th June 2009 for £37000 as interest was added on for the sale of the propert
  6. Would you like to see the letter I have drafted ?
  7. When they sent the court papers through asking for £37000. The initial thought of the advisor was to defend but he had to ask higher ups and they said if we defended it as staute barred the judge would ask if we owed it which I suppose we do and that would be that . We would lose anyway and as we had other debts it was best to admit and go bankrupt but by god this solicitors are dragging it out so long. This all came up from 29th June and here we are all this time on with no judgement and no comment on the offer of bankrupcy fees in settlement. I have just drafted a letter to the Chief exec of
  8. I think Ii will make a complain to the solicitors who are handling this because they have messed us about so much and on the advice of the CAB we have already admitted the debt. Don't think it will have any effect but it's worth a try.
  9. I don't know what the default terms were because I do not have the original agreement . The first time they threatened to evict was in 1996. Lat payment was in the October 1996
  10. We are now 26 days away from this being totally statute barred. Still no action so is it worth complaining to the FSA. We moved from the property 11th Nov 1997. They have known are present address since mid 2000 so they have plenty of opportunity to act but have waited until now. Any advice as to how to complain would be welcome.
  11. Thank you. First of all Bank accounts. According to the insolvency site they do not close your bank accounts the banks do. Is this right? We opened a basic co-op account when this thing first came up and we told them bankruptcy was in the offing and they said it's ok. I have a bank account for my benefits and my husband has a joint account which his wages go into and I do not use. If we transferred everything over to the co op there would be nothing in the accounts to freeze as we do not have overdrafts. Would this be ok as we would notify the Insolvency people of the three bank accounts i
  12. Sorry . Did not realise anyone had replied. All has been revealed now. The order was to split the claim in two which should have been done in the first place, as was mentioned in an earlier post. Received fresh claim papers on Friday 28th September for the two of us. I rang the court and they said the whole thing had to be redone as the original claim was invalid and the firm has had to pay to get it redone. So depressing to have to do it all again after sitting here waiting for something more to happen since 1st August; I was beginning to hope it was processing our offer. I suppose that the
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