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  1. I'm looking at moving but I have noticed that Lettings Agents often charge a bewildering set of fees. What do you think of this practice? eg. An Admin fee (fair enough there is some admin work to do although why is it over £100?) A deposit fee (£30 to cover the cost of putting the deposit in a protection scheme, surely the landlord should pay?) An Inventory fee (£70 to write a list of everything in the flat? why does the admin fee not cover this?) A checkout fee (£70 to check the inventory when you move out) A renewal fee (£100 every 6 months, even
  2. After I graduated I recieved a council tax bill for the year after graduation. I have letter from my University saying I left at the end of June (end of term). The council tax bill starts in April. Am I right in thinking that I can claim student exemption for part of the year ie Months April, May, June. 3 Months? This would be a 25% reduction on a 12 month bill? Or can you only have council tax exemption for an entire year?
  3. Thanks but I know exactly the difference between a domain name and web hosting as I too work in this field. If they were actually storing my files I would agree with you but as I have never used it as a website there are no files to store. Therefore I am not and have never been affecting their resources. That was my point. I have taken hosting for 3 years at £10 a year, on a rolling 12 month contract, as it is cheap it does not really matter whether or not I take advantage of their hosting, I was really only interested in securing the Domain Name (for personal reasons). For them to a
  4. Anyone got a clue about this? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-consumer-issues/164001-foreign-debt-new-post.html
  5. Ok there are 3 things to clear up. Would Scottish law apply because I live in Scotland? If so can I ask for a Credit Agreement to be produced? If not would they take it to court in Denmark and could a Danish Court enforce a judgement as I have no assets in Denmark? Debt collecting in Denmark Brussels Regime - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Article 2 prescribes that a person (legal or natural) may only be sued in the member state in which he or she is domiciled. Where the Brussels Regulation or Lugano Convention applies, consumer contracts (as defined in the Re
  6. In practical terms they are not providing a service, they are not using any bandwidth, they are not using any disk space, it costs them nothing to provide but even if I wanted to use it I cannot access it without a domain name. I have been a good customer for 3 years, I have recommended the hosts to my friends who are now using them as well. They lose more by trying to enforce the agreement as now I would not use them again and I would not recommend them to anyone. The hire car company just puts your money in the bank safe in the knowledge they will never have to pay out. Companies t
  7. I signed up for Web Hosting with a company in Denmark, and used them for about 3 years. You would normally pay 12 months in advance. But last Jan I decided I didn't really need it anymore so let the domain name lapse. I forgot all about it, but now the company have sent me a letter demanding payment for the next year, charging interest and threatening legal action by their solicitors in Copenhagen. The sum for the year is £22, but I am reluctant to pay it because 1) without a domain name it is useless so for the whole period they are charging the account is unable to be used. Their
  8. Yes. "If you have been overpaid, and expect your income for the current tax year to rise by more than £2,500, you must tell the HMRC. But in the 2005 pre-Budget report it was announced that this threshold would rise to £25,000 in 2006." BBC NEWS | Business | Q&A: Tax credit problems
  9. IMO it should cover the period until the end of the academic year (normally june)
  10. Its quite simple, you (or your father) applied for a 4 student loans 1998/99 - Under 18 - SLC will not try to make you repay 1999/00 - Under 18 - SLC will not try to make you repay 2000/01 - Under 18 - SLC will not try to make you repay 2001/02 - Aged 18 - SLC would like their money back with interest The question is in 2001/02 did you sign a loan agreement and can they provide a copy of it. If so it is a valid credit agreement and you have to repay the money. If you did not sign it (ie it was your father etc) then you do not have to pay this loan back either. TBH you got
  11. Hi quick question - I took RBS to small claims in Scotland for £252 on my visa card. On 25th July I accepted an offer of £200. However my hearing date was set for the 25th July but nobody told me at the time. The only letter I had was last week when the court told me the sheriff had dismissed the case as I (and the bank) had not turned up to the hearing. No defence was entered by the bank and the court did NOT tell me of the hearing date! The only letter I have ever had from the court was to tell me that the case was dismissed. No other contact. Now RBS will not honour ou
  12. I don't think its a conspiracy they are just incompetent. The problem is you are stuck with them, you have no choice but to take out loans (unless very wealthy) and you have no choice but to trust they will act accordingly at deferment time. I have seen this behaviour time and time again with any body that has a monopoly over a particular group. There is no incentive for HSL or SLC to invest time & money in hiring effective staff or creating proper systems. These are just costs to be kept down to them. Student Loans are a licence to print money as the debt will always be repaid either by t
  13. I think the fact that the law was changed just goes to show that the law as it stood was unfair and placed too much onus on students to account for other parties actions. If anyone can point me to the amended law in Scotland for 2001 I would be extremely grateful.
  14. I have called the Council to check what they have to say, they confirm that they have all relevant paperwork from myself to prove i was a student and have had it for ages now. They promised to 'disregard' me for council tax, so I ask not unreasonably will threatening letters from solicitors and sheriff officers stop and they say of course not the debt is still owed! I ask if I am am still legally liable and of course yes I am so to my mind being 'disregarded' does not change the situation one iota. They then accused me of being uncooperative! The cheek! Apparently I should now use
  15. Yeah that is easier said than done. I mean what if you have not seen them for 6 years and have no idea where they are. Also the university are unlikely to release details of other students (Data protection Act). I suppose what I resent is being made to do all the work, that the council and debt collection agencies should be doing for themselves!
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