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  1. I'm in much the same situation as this poster.., its a nightmare. Looks like council are going to try and declare me intentionally homeless because they are saying I can afford to pay £200 a month on top of HLA, when I have two ASD son's to look after (this is where my 'extra' income comes from. And I too have mental health problems, and physical problems. But it doesn't matter.
  2. I would strongly advise you to never go for private rental if there is even a vague possibility you can get a two bed council property. There are some good private rental landlords around, but if you hunt around on other forums.., u'll find they are rare. Then there is the difficulty finding a private LL who will accept benefit recipients as tenants, and paying the extra rent LHA won't pay. If you are going to move anyway.., far far better to go for an LA property.
  3. I am afraid this is the way it goes with Tax Credit renewals for a week or so before the renewal time limit. It only happens to you once.., u never let it happen again. You'll just have to keep trying. You should get through eventually.
  4. Two years ago I had to go to a refuge for a few weeks. I left a council house. I was told that under those circumstances it was possible to have two lots of Housing Allowance paid. I had to fill in another housing allowance form for the borough I was in, explained that I had fled an abusive relationship and was scared to go back and everything was fine. Both lots of housing allowance was paid, no questions asked. I suspect that your daughter hasn't been seeking the right advice. She needs to contact Domestic Violence Helpline or Women's Aid. They can assign her a support worker. Some councils have one stop shops where you can see a support worker from women's aid for advice and also housing and benefits people at the same time. Social workers are, unfortunately, rarely experts in the practical issues facing a family in an abusive situation. They are also normally very overworked and are unable to put in the hours needed to research specialist issues and what to do about them. Its not right but I'm afraid it is reality. You need specialist advice.
  5. Is there a way you might be able to find out who the landlord is? Here we have a legal register of ownership of houses and this gives a starting point. As you are at risk of losing the house, it might be worth discussing with whoever advises you.., if its worth contacting the landlord directly (with proof of the rent you've paid if you have it) and asking if you could rent from him directly. The worst that can happen is that you will lose the house. The best that you will be paying less rent and will be able to stop this guy u took the tenancy from from visiting when he feels like it. Of course, I do appreciate this may be too simplistic a view. You may have to fund a deposit you don't have with a new landlord. But you might just be able to come to an agreement with him too. But before you do anything about this, I'd advise discussing all options and consequences with an experienced advisor of some sort.
  6. If your son does go back to the JobCentre Plus, he needs to take someone with him. I had an interview there recently and it was unbelievable. Everything single thing they told me about my benefits (they were telling me I wasn't a carer when I quite clearly am, my son doesn't attend school when luckily enough I had proof he had been until a few days before, that I would lose just about every benefit I presently claim (incorrectly). Believe it or not, the person interviewing me also told me I wouldn't cope (I did get pretty stressed) if my OH moved out (won't go into why that came up here, its a long story) and my children would be taken into care. It was dreadful. Unfortunately it was unrecorded. So if your son goes back, he MUST take someone with him who can remember what happens, take notes if necessary and to make sure anything they say is checked up on when they can get to a pc. Every single thing I was told was incorrect. What your son has been told might well be incorrect as well.
  7. Many thanks for all your help. I didn't know I could get a notarised statutory declaration so I will work on that on Monday. Hopefully it will stop this getting any worse.
  8. Yes the distress warrant is solely addressed to my ex. Its for several driving fines.., I don't drive and never have and have never had any encounters with the police of any kind. Because my OH hasn't been handing over work expense receipts on time, I have just enough money to pay the rent in the bank. I do mean just enough. If I pay for notorised copies, I won't be able to pay the rent. I've only been able to do this by keeping us very short on food. Once I tell benefits I have split with my ex.., all benefits will come to a stop so I will then have no money at all coming in for a few weeks so its not going to get better immediately.
  9. I have had a difficult relationship with my now Ex, particularly financially. I am on benefits (as a carer), he recently went self employed which has only made my income situation worse because he hasn't been earning a great deal, hasn't given me receipts that I need to continue all the benefits (which I should be able to) so I am very very short of money right now. I received a Distress Warrant from Collectiva dated 3rd June related to several fines (totalling just over £1,000 that he was supposed to be paying off. He hasn't obviously, it looks like he's hardly paid anything off. The letter says that they will come round and collect the money or will be able to break in and take my furniture. The stuff in the house is all mine, I probably have receipts for a lot of it, but some of it is years old so won't have receipts for all of it. It was the last straw and I gave him his clothes and told him to leave (the warrant has only been issued because he hasn't done what he needed to to sort the situation out.., he's had months to sort this out). The problem is, I can't prove he's left the premises. The tenancy agreement is in our joint names. I will be phoning on Monday to change all the benefits to my name only (which will for a few weeks leave me with even less money coming in) but I doubt I will get notification of the benefit changes by the two weeks the Distress Warrant suggests I will have bailiffs coming round. What can I do, if anything? I have two children and lots of stuff in the house the bailiffs could take. I won't let them in, but the letter says they can force entry.
  10. Nystagmite, I just wanted to say that I understand where you are coming from. I have a 17 year old with aspergers and dyspraxia and have had to fight all his life for 'equal access' to education. The Equality Act should force schools to look at things differently but it doesn't seem to. My son needs full time TA help because he gets over stimulated (the school expected him to be able to sort out which quiet area of four was open at any one time while he was highly stressed), can't organise himself and can only follow one instruction at a time (although highly intelligent). He was given TA help (although not one to one, but it was better than he'd had previously) in pre 16 education but once he went into sixth form everything was gone. I even offered to go in as his TA and the school wouldn't allow that, but they wouldn't provide him with TA help either so I do understand your frustration. He ended up leaving Sixth Form so a year is lost. The only thing I can suggest is that you make a complaint to the Chair of the Board of Governors, stating why you feel you are denied equal access to education and what provision would ensure you had equal access to education. I hope you find what you need. The biggest mistake I made was listening to a number of people telling me that my son would never be statemented. How I wish I'd pursued that now, regardless.
  11. The government have clearly said they will appeal and dispute the findings, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Personally I totally agree with the findings, as will most who experience the system, but that's not what the government wants to hear.
  12. Please I'd be really grateful for advice on this. I don't understand how I read one thing about what should happen in an Employment Tribunal (like you should have an opportunity to peruse evidence from the other side beforehand, to allow u to prepare a defence.., witnesses should be present so you can question them, rather than just have witness statements presented - the statements were false but we had no opportunity to question the people and demonstrate this) and another thing happened. I would like to appeal but can we appeal on these grounds. I bought the Employment Tribunal book by Naomi Cunnigham. What is descriped in there just didn't happen.
  13. I don't know why they bothered with an hour. Didn't believe a word my partner said. Ex employer produced an unsigned employment contract, he must have been given it. He must have been paid holiday because the employer said he was. He must have only been working a 40 hour week like the employer said (does anyone know of a garage that isn't open 8 til 6 weekdays and half days or more on Saturdays?) so was getting more than minimum wage. It just went on and on. We weren't allowed to view the opponents bundle before the day (I was told we would all bring our bundles in on the day - there was an employment log I asked to see and CCTV records the employer referred to that were accepted without the ability to view them). His ex employer presented witness statements but the witnesses were not there to cross examine (we could have gotten statements to prove our case but because no one was able to appear on the day and I read that they had to be cross examinable, so we didn't include them). I just can't believe what happened.
  14. I have a son with aspergers. He's now 16 but due to some bad teachers (two of whom were SENCO's) he had some really bad experiences with bullying. There was little I could do at the time, but now there is something called the Equality Act. It basically says that if a child is in a protected group (i.e. has a disability) the school has a responsibility to enable equal access to education. I would assume that would mean ensuring your friend's son's hearing aids aren't damaged in school. The 'he should be responsible for his hearing aids' excuse will just NOT wash nowadays. There is very clear protection for children with special needs now.., thank goodness. My son is still in school and I recently contacted http://disabilityrightsuk.org/contact.htm. For the first time, I had found an organisation who knew their stuff and were able to advise in a useful way. They gave me very clear advice on where to get help and what my son's rights were. I hope this helps you. BTW I found my son's school did not even know what the Equality Act was.., they're not a bad school, but very ignorant on what equal access means and the impact of special needs. I'm sure a lot of schools are like this.
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