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  1. Morning Land Raver, thanks for your message. NOTHING happened regarding Trading Standards, they are a C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E croc of S*** as far as this case was concerned. They weren't interested, they couldn't advise me further, they coculd not have cared less!! I've just looked again at Companies House webcheck - this is all I found (as before) : WebCHeck - Select and Access Company Information slightly different address but certainly the same people. I'd LOVE to think they've gone out of business, or imprisoned etc. The way the trading laws (in my view) work in this country though, I doub
  2. Think you *might* be acting a bit pedantic - I'm willing to give TS a chance, I've uncovered more stuff re. Cloggis, not going into it here. Cloggis might well be in for more than they bargained for.. Thank you for your message..
  3. Because BSC, my local Consumer Advice Centre told me to. After sending the 2nd letter, as advised, if I didn't receive any response from Cloggis within a certain time, that time now expired, then Consumer Advice would (and have) passed it to Trading Standards. I think they *probably* know the law, would hope they do, and am awaiting their answers... Thank you for your message,
  4. Hi Rainysummer, thanks for post. It's being dealt with via Trading Standards. I've had N-O-T-H-I-N-G from Cloggis, not EVEN a compliments slip acknowledging my 2 letters. I'm very glad you've posted here rainy, because if this encourages just one person (hopefully more!)not to deal with what I think is a disreputable outfit, then I'm glad. I'll keep everyone up to date on what's happening when it happens. Thanks, xx
  5. Well, the 7 days notice I gave CLOGGIS in the 2nd letter expires tomorrow. Trading Standards have been alerted. When they contact me, I'll point out I believe CLOGGIS have breached copywrite and used the Crocs images and are passing them of as their own on their website. Getting interesting...
  6. No, I HAVEN'T been wearing the faulty pair, Conniff. I bought 2 pairs remember, I pair was OK I only sent the faulty pair back, requesting a refund. They ignored TOTALLY the letter and sent another pair by return!! I've sent a SECOND letter, requesting they either collect this (now 3rd pair) from me and refund or send me a pre-paid envelope and refund. I await their response..
  7. Morning Bookworm... love you... The Cloggis I ordered though, ARE the same as on the website - I'm only pointing this image thingy as I **think** they **might** have cut n pasted those images from elsewhere... They don't seem to conform to quality either:: >> I've sent the 2nd letter (with copy of the first) and await their response (or not)....
  8. The first time I wore anything like these was almost 2 years ago, they were called GEKKOs and I purchased them from a cabin at a shopping centre (not near me though). They cost £11 and ONLY finally wore out last week, which is why I went ahead and purchased these. I've been wearing these for 9 days now. They are comfortable. Now - I'm NOT overweight, and I DON'T walk 40 miles per day. I've noticed that the bottom is showing signs of wear. Another thing, it doesn't state on the Cloggis website that the image might differ from the goods received, as it DOES in probably everything 'consumer
  9. Good Morning and many thanks, old_andrew2007, diamondgiel, middenmess and conniff. This is all very helpful. The ONLY enclosed paperwork I received, and that was in the first AND second shipment, was a 'with compliments' type of thing - the wording on the back states:: RETURNS INFO. If you need to return goods to us you need to do so within 7 days from the date of purchase. We can exchange for a larger or smaller size providing shoes have not been worn, all original packaging has been retained and original labels are still attached. Please post Cloggis back along with
  10. Mmm. Quite a few views, no advice. Anyone had any similar problems to this? ONLY offer a credit note, NO refunds??
  11. Hi, Last week, I tried purchasing 2 pairs of those Crocks look-alike sandals online but ended up phoning the order through as I couldn't get past the 2nd page on the website. Been wearing this style a couple of years and they ARE comfortable. Anyway, both pairs arrived within 24 hours (good!) However, one pair was not well made and couldn't be worn either with the strap in the up OR the down position. Total cost was £6.99 per pair, £3.99 postage for first pair and £3.00 for 2nd pair, even though in the same parcel. Their returns rules are, the buyer pays the return package PLUS ANOTHER
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