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  1. The thing is, we have never received any correspondence from the DWP. Also, my husband has a very unusual name, that's why we are baffled. Not sure if writing to CCS is such a good idea, from what I've been reading about them.
  2. Hello My husband has received a letter from the above DCA, which reads as follows: Dear xxxx Your unpaid account has been sent to us by our client Department for Work and Pensions who has instructed us to recover the full amount stated abouve on their behalf. We have confirmed your current address in case you have forgotten to inform our client that you have moved. Our investigations show that you are currently residing at the above address. Although the balace of (£3k+ !!! ) is due in full, we would like to work with you to find a sustainable repayment plan tha
  3. Thanks, I intend to take on board your advice. I've done a search on EDF on this forum, and it seems that they make a habit of this sort of thing....I also found a link to an article about this from last year. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2232395/EDF-bullies-threatened-debt-collectors.html
  4. I have dual fuel with EDF, and right now I have a massive problem with them which is spiralling out of control because of the sheer and utter incompetence of this company. It all began after Xmas this year, when I received a huge bill for around £700, even though I had been making regular payments by direct debit. I cancelled the DD because the bill stated that they were going to be taking out the full amount....money I did not owe them and which I did not have in my bank account anyway! I phoned up EDF who assured me it was an error and my account was in credit. So I thought no more
  5. kalijack

    Clause 5(1)

    Can someone please explain this in easy to understand, layman's terms? Thanks
  6. Can someone please explain this clause in easy to understand terms? Thanks
  7. If any of the judges in the Supreme Court are bank shareholders, isn't that a conflict of interest? Something is rotten to the core.
  8. I got the ball rolling, got all the info I needed from A&L and sent them the 14 day letter requesting that they pay back the charges. I've received a lengthy reply from them today saying they are not going to do anything until the test case is resolved, and if I do put in a court claim for the fees, they are going to apply to the court for a stay. What should I do now?
  9. So do I just ignore them? Or is there any other letter I should write back?
  10. I got a letter from Bryan Carter a couple of weeks ago, regarding an old debt with Nationwide, threatening me with bailiffs, and mentioning a CCJ - which I checked on my records and does not exist. After checking the various threads on here regarding this company's dubious practices, this is the letter I sent them back: This morning, I received a reply, acknowledging receipt of this letter, but they want me to phone them back to discuss this further. I am not comfortable phoning this people up. This is the actual text of the letter: BTW, this debt is about 6 years old.
  11. Thank for your reply. I did a search to see if there was anything on this company, and there were quite a few threads so I didn't want to start another one.
  12. I've had a letter from them today. It was in my maiden name, and I have been married for nearly 7 years. The debt they refer to is an old Lloyds TSB credit card I had when I was single. I thought that they couldn't chase me for debts that are over 7 years old.
  13. That is exactly the same letter I received. I checked my records on trustonline, both in my married and maiden name, and found no judgements. Is there a way of taking this company to the cleaners for unethical practices? I did phone Trading Standards and let them know, and they made a note of this. BTW, I did send them the CCA letter a couple of weeks ago, and have had no reply. Not sure of what to do next.
  14. Update on my situation. A&L have still not replied, and have, in fact, applied further charges, which has made me even more overdrawn, to the extent that I cannot afford to bring my account back into my credit limit. They are also charging me £5 per day for each day that this situation continues, which means that my debt is going to get bigger and bigger, and even now is practically unmanageble I have opened a basic account elsewhere, and cancelled all my DDs with A&L. Is there any way for them to freeze the ongoing daily charges, until this situation gets resolved? Sh
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