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  1. Surely there must be some sort of time limit from when he got out of the car so that he could walk and read the signs....it will be good when these vultures are regulated. You should have a right to see the video evidence i think so that you can take legal action against them
  2. Hi I saw on the news the other day that banks can still charge for overdrawing money from cash point. How can office of fair trading not be able to decide if it is fair for banks to charge us so much. I am still not able to make a claim from the banks for money that they took from me a few years ago I am confused about what to do next
  3. Can anyone recommend websites where I can find employment at home. I am so desparate for some work even if it is stuffing envelops or maybe copy typings
  4. Ohh man that is bad.....these guys can get a warrant very easy...and can basically gain entry to your house once they get the warrant from the court. They only thing i'm not sure of is if they have to come with the police to get in your house. Your situation is messed up....surely they can wait until you get some money together but thats the british law for you. I hope it goes well for you...the law in the UK is an ass
  5. Thanks Wino, need all the cash I can get. Filled out the forms and sent it off so hopefully will hear back soon. I've been reading about how much money people have claimed back and it is impressive. The banks obviously know they are wrong
  6. I read with interest that people can claim back bank charges. I have had lots of money taken from me for going into my overdraft. I think about £30 eachtime making me more in debt. I will have a look at some of these templates that a mate told me about....you just fill it out at send it off and then hopefully get some cash back....happy days
  7. Hi All Jus joined today as I thought forum could help me find job. Been unemployed for few months now and am getting desperate. Need to get a job soon...even if it means working from home. Send my CV to a few places but no joy yet. Any advice would be much appreciated so if anyone can help me find a job at home this would be good.
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