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  1. Thank you both. I knew nothing about lowells being involved and was surprised by the letter today. Capone requested the death certificate, which I sent, I had no idea nor had they informed me that they would sell the debt on when there was no estate.....not sure why they did? As far as I can make out, my husband only missed one maybe two payments (November/December) as he was very ill During these months.


    I have to say, the more I think about it the more annoyed I get. I absolutely intend to complain to capital one about it but hadn't thought about the ombudsman......might well do this.


    As it was solely in my husbands name and they have seen the death certificate, how could they sell it on why they knew he had passed? Surely lowells know this - what do they hope to gain?


    Very upset and confused by the situation to be honest but appreciate your posts, thank you.

  2. Hi


    I wondered if someone could advise.



    My husband passed away in January unexpecedily.

    He left behind his share of the house and nothing else (other than some debt).



    Most of Wyeth debt has been written off by the bank and his other credit card company.

    He had a capital one card and I informed them within a week after he passed to inform them of the situation.

    They requested his death certificate, which I provided and sent a form regarding the estate.



    I informed them he left nothing other than the house to me and

    today I received a letter from them saying there was no ppi on the account

    and they have sold it to lowells.


    Now I have had dealings with Lowell a long long time ago and it was stressful to say the least.

    My question (and sorry for rambling on) is

    am I liable for my husbands debt?

    I assumed they would write it off like his bank but clearly not.

    I expect to hear from lowells shortly (they are always quick when they want money!!)

    and wonder how I should approach them.



    I work but money is obviously tight as its only my income.


    Any advice would be appreciated.



  3. Hi


    Its been donkey's since i has a Wonga loan but thought i would log into my old account with them as i got their email.


    When i logged in, i got this -


    Sorry - we're unable to offer you a loan at the moment


    To improve the services we provide, we’re moving more than a million customer accounts to our brand new website.

    Your account is currently being transferred, and it may be a number of weeks before the process is completed.


    Unfortunately, we can’t process new applications until your account has been moved. We apologise for the inconvenience, and if you’d like us to send you an email as soon as your account is ready you can request it below.

    We will email you when you can apply again


    Hmmm wonder what "brand new site" this is? Anyone else had this message?

  4. My husband was accepted and got the card through etc. Now he cannot speak (due to an operation on his throat for cancer) so he thought he could just activate either online or by touch phone (neither of which they offer).


    So i phoned up, explained the situation and they said i could speak on his behalf providing he filled out a consent form. Duly did this and returned it. Phoned and phoned to which they said, oh it can take up to 14 days to process as the department is very busy!


    Now more than a month on, they are still saying that they need to speak to him (despite what i've told them) so am now returning the card back to them with a letter of complaint.


    Not trying to be clever, but what was to stop him getting a neighbour or family member to speak for him over the phone (obvs him providing them with the details)? I mean, how would they know it was him or not?


    Anyone else had this experience?

  5. I am due to pay of my loan with Moneyinadvnce (http://www.moneyinadvance.co.uk) next week. I received this today -


    Urgent Action Required - Please call Okay Payday on 020 8253 4149 so that we can tokenise your debit card for collection of your payment.

    Date: 23.05.14

    Your Ref: xxxxxx

    Your payment is due for collection on the 28/05/2014

    Dear xxxxxx

    We have previously notified you that Okay Payday is the new assigned owner of your loan account and financial commitment that you entered into with the original lender Money in Advance. Due to the changeover of account ownership you will need to contact us with your card details for us to collect your repayment on your due date.

    One of Okay Payday’s priorities is to protect your bank and card data meaning that our company will not store your debit card details but will tokenize them instead meaning your debit card details will be configured into a Secure Hash Algorithm which will encrypt the card number and convert this to a unique token. The token will then be used to collect payment from your account. Essentially, your card details are replaced by a secret key – a token.

    However, to set up tokenization of your debit card you will have to supply us with your cv2 number (last 3 digits on the back of your debit card and the card expiry date). Please call us now and have your debit card to hand on 020 8253 4149 so that we can set up the collection of your payment by secure tokenized payments allowing us to fully protect your card data.

    Once your loan is repaid Okay Payday would like to offer you the same loans service and borrowing requirements that you had previously with Money in Advance subject to our lending criteria. Please apply at Okaypayday.co.uk

    • Okay Payday offer flexible repayments and can be repaid over 1 or 2 instalments.

    • Our interest is 1% per day, which equates to £1 per day per £100 borrowed.

    • You can repay early at any time and you will only be charged interest on the number of days that you have borrowed.

    • We have been trading since 1989 and have all the accreditations to provide you with a professional and confidential online loans service.


    Representative 2692.8%APR. Rate 365.25% per annum fixed.

    Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to Moneyadviceservice.org.uk


    This matter is urgent as your payment will soon be due for collection please act now.


    Okay Payday

    Unit 6B ZK Park, 23 Commerce Way

    Croydon, CR0 4ZS

    020 8253 4143


    Okay Payday is a trading name of Safeloans Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Financial Services Register Interim permission number: 271778.


    I have received no notification whatsoever? Have emailed them (and MIA) to find out what's going on....has anyone heard about this? Also - who uses the word tokenization nowadays ????!!!??

  6. came into 3 emails this morning all saying payment is overdue (which it isnt).


    they have given me no reference number to use so how will they know the money is from me?


    not sure what to do to be honest, if i pay the full amount, how are they going to know its from me and if they are now saying that's its overdue and adding charges, that's not what was agreed with microlend? i can afford to pay what i borrowed but dont want to pay charges which are not relevant.


    having heard so many stories regarding Andrew Hart.......bit scary to be honest.

  7. Hello,


    We are WPPL Ltd. We now are the administrator of your loan and all correspondence and payments will now be handled by ourselves.

    By now you should have received the letter from Microlend Uk Ltd explaining this.


    All future payments must be made to the account details below and if you are paying by card please advise me of the card details today.


    Your interest and amounts due have not changed and it is important that you make payment today.


    Please advise us how you would like to do so.




    Form of Notice of assignment






    Dear Sirs,




    We refer to the consumer credit loan agreement and the loan of £[AMOUNT] made

    by Micro Lend UK Limited (“the Assignor”) to you (“the Debt”).


    On and with effect from 2014 the Assignor assigned to Wage Payment

    and Payday Loans Limited (“the Assignee”) all its rights, title, interest and benefits

    in and to the Debt.


    All future correspondence, dealings, deliveries and payments in respect of the

    Assigned Documents or the Debt should be made to the Assignee whose details

    are as follows:


    NAME: Wage Payment and Payday Loans Limited t/a Payday Overdraft


    ADDRESS: Cambridge House, 27 Cambridge Park, Wanstead, London, E11 2PU


    TELEPHONE: 0207 205 4443



    Bank: Barclays

    Account Name: WPPL Limited t/a Payday Overdraft No. 2 Account

    Account No: 83361829

    Sort Code: 20-58-51


    You will need to contact the Assignee and provide up-to-date debit card details and

    to arrange repayment of your loan.

    This notice and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its

    subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be

    governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

  8. i too fell behind with them (as my husband was/still is ill) they are horrendous.......stalked me through email/texts/phone calls to work. they phoned my work constantly, left message with who they are informing my work that they were payday company/ thank god i found the money to pay them off.....sorry you are in this situation and hope you "get shot of them" soon.

  9. Just an update to say HUGE thank you. Sent an email to the address that RUby gave, had a phone call next day and money, IN FULL was paid into the account the next day.


    Shocked because i did not expect them to pay it all back but they did till July 2012 and we wont be recviewed for 3 years! We can now start 2013 free from worry and stress.


    Thank you all so much for all your help and advice (I also thanked out rep from CAB with a box of chocs) and have made a small donation to you. Sorry it wasnt huge, but can now clear our debts and get back on our feet again.


    I could never have done it without all your wonderful help, thank you again,


    Sharon xx:smile:

  10. update....still have received nothing so decided to phone them (i hate to think of what my phone bill will be!!). after 1/2 hour, got through and explained the situation for the 50th time! was told someone would call me back. heard this before so wasnt holding out much hope!


    anyway, lo and behold, called back this morning to say that they have no record of the tribunal decision...are they kidding me!! told the nice lady that she had to be joking as its now 7 weeks and i sent off 2 copies myself with a letter! they gave me a fax number and i decided to send 4 in total (from work!) to them. no idea if they have received them (will phone again tomorrow!!) but was told once they were received, it would only be a matter of days (yeah right!).


    to top it all, we got another form to fill in from ATOS saying that if we didnt fill it in, our benefits would stop!! seriously are they joking! anyway filled it in and handed in personally (haha cant lose that one can you DWP!!)


    short of camping outside Bathgate and picketing.....dont know what else to do!! 6 bl**dy months this has been going on and we have had absolutely no money from them!


    will see what tomorrow brings.....i refuse to be broken by these people!


    feel better that i've got this off my chest (so to speak) rant over....... :-)

  11. Little update - i know its only been a few weeks but thought i would phone them up to ensure they have everything and to see if they were gonna appeal. Here's how it went -


    1. Phoned at 8am yesterday (waited 15 mins for someone to answer!) told that someone would phone me back at around 11ish.

    2. As no-one phoned, phoned again at 12.45pm and told someone would phone me back at 2pm.

    3. Again as no-one phoned, phoned again at 3.30pm and was told someone would phone me back between 10am-11am next day

    4. Phoned again this morning, explained I had phoned numerous times yesterday to be told


    DWP - sorry but you will have to wait 6-9 weeks before getting any response and you certainly wont receive any payments until this period.

    ME - Are you kidding? We have been without any payments since July and you are still making s wait? Why wasnt I told this yesterday when I rang 3 times.

    DWP - Well we all come from different departments/backgrounds and the normal wait is 6-9 weeks. Sorry and thank you for calling!


    Cheers DWP, not quite the Xmas and New Year I was expecting but I suppose it could be worse......can see me battling them again in January!



  12. Just thought I would update you all on my appeal. I sent off all the information to DWP and again they refused. I then decided to go to a tribunal and got a date set. Contacted my local CAB and it was a godsend.


    To cut a long story short, Tribunal was today and WE WON! We went along with out CAB member (wonderful man called David) who represented us today, were sat in the waiting room and David was called into the room (at this point I had a horrible feeling) but came out all smiles and told us we had won our appeal and they didnt even want to interview us! It will be backdated and hopefully will hear from DWP within the next few weeks. I know they can appeal against it but we are confident that we have enough evidence to get it thrown out if they do.


    A massive thank you to you all for your help......I am so glad I found this site and you have helped us greatly. I can now sleep better at night and am indebted to CAB for their wonderful advice and help.


    Thanks again and I will certainly be making a donation.


    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and thank you once again xx

  13. Whilst looking to get a quick loan (stupid I know) I came across this site. All was going well until the last page where they wanted by digital banking code, passwords etc? :jaw: I stopped the application immediately and got an email from them ..... see below


    Why do we need the last page to be completed?

    We need your online banking credentials in order to connect to your bank account so we can display your transactions and trigger payments in and out of your account.

    At ClearAccount, we promise to keep all your personal details safe and secure. The security of any information you share with us and your privacy are our top priorities. That's why we use the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that your bank does.

    ClearAccount is a "read-only" service. Our unswerving commitment to your security means we cannot control your bank account or make payments to third parties.


    Are they kidding? As if I would ever give out these details to anyone. Sure it must be a [problem]......hopefully no-one has done this and i hope no-one will! I may need the money but not by giving out these details!

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