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  1. I will, thank you for all your advice and help. I will let you know if lowells prove to be a problem.
  2. Thank you both. I knew nothing about lowells being involved and was surprised by the letter today. Capone requested the death certificate, which I sent, I had no idea nor had they informed me that they would sell the debt on when there was no estate.....not sure why they did? As far as I can make out, my husband only missed one maybe two payments (November/December) as he was very ill During these months. I have to say, the more I think about it the more annoyed I get. I absolutely intend to complain to capital one about it but hadn't thought about the ombudsman......might well do thi
  3. No citizenB! It was in his name only. I didn't think that I would be liable but am unsure......also know what lowells are like!
  4. Hi I wondered if someone could advise. My husband passed away in January unexpecedily. He left behind his share of the house and nothing else (other than some debt). Most of Wyeth debt has been written off by the bank and his other credit card company. He had a capital one card and I informed them within a week after he passed to inform them of the situation. They requested his death certificate, which I provided and sent a form regarding the estate. I informed them he left nothing other than the house to me and today I received a letter from th
  5. Hi Its been donkey's since i has a Wonga loan but thought i would log into my old account with them as i got their email. When i logged in, i got this - Sorry - we're unable to offer you a loan at the moment To improve the services we provide, we’re moving more than a million customer accounts to our brand new website. Your account is currently being transferred, and it may be a number of weeks before the process is completed. Unfortunately, we can’t process new applications until your account has been moved. We apologise for the inconvenience, and if you’d like us
  6. My husband was accepted and got the card through etc. Now he cannot speak (due to an operation on his throat for cancer) so he thought he could just activate either online or by touch phone (neither of which they offer). So i phoned up, explained the situation and they said i could speak on his behalf providing he filled out a consent form. Duly did this and returned it. Phoned and phoned to which they said, oh it can take up to 14 days to process as the department is very busy! Now more than a month on, they are still saying that they need to speak to him (despite what i've told t
  7. Its deffo Safeloans as they have taken final payment for MIA. Strange how there has been no word about it?
  8. I am due to pay of my loan with Moneyinadvnce (http://www.moneyinadvance.co.uk) next week. I received this today - Urgent Action Required - Please call Okay Payday on 020 8253 4149 so that we can tokenise your debit card for collection of your payment. Date: 23.05.14 Your Ref: xxxxxx Your payment is due for collection on the 28/05/2014 Dear xxxxxx We have previously notified you that Okay Payday is the new assigned owner of your loan account and financial commitment that you entered into with the original lender Money in Advance. Due to the changeover of account ownership
  9. came into 3 emails this morning all saying payment is overdue (which it isnt). they have given me no reference number to use so how will they know the money is from me? not sure what to do to be honest, if i pay the full amount, how are they going to know its from me and if they are now saying that's its overdue and adding charges, that's not what was agreed with microlend? i can afford to pay what i borrowed but dont want to pay charges which are not relevant. having heard so many stories regarding Andrew Hart.......bit scary to be honest.
  10. Yep, 2 of the emails are from him and the others from Alex Gray.
  11. I've had 5 (yes 5!!) emails already today (different people but same message) and my loan is not due out for a week yet! Will be cancelling my CPA immediately.Have emailed back the same thing 5 times in response to theirs and have gotten nowhere.
  12. Hello, We are WPPL Ltd. We now are the administrator of your loan and all correspondence and payments will now be handled by ourselves. By now you should have received the letter from Microlend Uk Ltd explaining this. All future payments must be made to the account details below and if you are paying by card please advise me of the card details today. Your interest and amounts due have not changed and it is important that you make payment today. Please advise us how you would like to do so. 00447831503791 Form of Notice of assignment [DEBTOR’S NAME]
  13. they bl**dy harrased me at work, including telling my colleagues who they were! Told them to stop calling my work but if i didnt call them back straightaway on my mobile they would continue calling untiil i would talk to them. had a lot of grief and thankfully paid the [email protected] off.
  14. i too fell behind with them (as my husband was/still is ill) they are horrendous.......stalked me through email/texts/phone calls to work. they phoned my work constantly, left message with who they are informing my work that they were payday company/ thank god i found the money to pay them off.....sorry you are in this situation and hope you "get shot of them" soon.
  15. Just an update to say HUGE thank you. Sent an email to the address that RUby gave, had a phone call next day and money, IN FULL was paid into the account the next day. Shocked because i did not expect them to pay it all back but they did till July 2012 and we wont be recviewed for 3 years! We can now start 2013 free from worry and stress. Thank you all so much for all your help and advice (I also thanked out rep from CAB with a box of chocs) and have made a small donation to you. Sorry it wasnt huge, but can now clear our debts and get back on our feet again. I could never h
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