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  1. Hello,I booked a holiday yesterday over the phone with my usual travel agent.Today I found the holiday cheaper online with another company.I asked my travel agent if I could cancel and they said no,so I phoned the tour opperator and they said I had a fourty eight hour cooling off period.I wondered if anyone had any info about this as I am being told two different things.
  2. Hello My dad was made redundant at the end of January.He was told his last months salary and redundancy payment would be paid on the 9th February.He is still waiting for these payments.Does anyone know where he stands with this.thanks
  3. I have been looking into merchant accounts and it looks like some companies ask you to pay a bond of £2000 if you are high risk,has anyone had to do this.
  4. Well I hope you have some success with the bank soon.
  5. Nightmere,your just stuck in limbo,you would think the bank would have more sence and under stand the situation you are in. Do they do credit checks when you apply for a merchant account.
  6. Rich,sorry you are having problems,if you dont mind me asking,what reasons did they give when they turned you down.
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I will look into joining the FSB. Is worldpay for internet business,I will be trading from a shop.
  8. Hi I am just starting s new business and have opened a basic business account. I also will need to open a streamline account to take payment by cards. My credit rating is very poor,will I find this a problem.Thanks
  9. I had someone call me a few days ago and they claimed to be from G E Money.They asked me to answer some security questions and I refused and told them thet they could be anyone.To this he replied that I would be able to see from the number on caller id that he was calling from G E Money.As if I know there tel number off by heart !!
  10. I am starting a new business and need a business bank account.I have a bad credit rating due to arrears on my accounts,I dont have any CCJs or defaults,will I have problems getting an account.I also need a reference from the account I have at the moment but I have been over drawn a few times and have had a few cheques bounce and one direct debit returned,will they give me a bad reference.
  11. Hello I am taking on a lease for a commercial property.They agent has requested references from the bank etc.I do have a bank account but I dont use it a great deal and it it a very basic account,I dont have a debit or cash card.It has been kept in a reasonable order but I have been overdrawn 3 or 4 times,one direct debit that has failed and have had about 3 or 4 cheques that have bounced,this is over the space of around 5 years.What kind of reference will they give me.Thanks
  12. I booked a holiday a few months ago and the package included free halfboard. I looked on the holiday companies website today and it states that the halfboard offer is for breakfast and lunch,not breakfast and evening meal.To my knowledge halfboard is always breakfast and evening meal.When booking we were not told about this and I am sure that the statement on the website has not been there for long.I did actually phone the holiday company a few weeks after booking to check that the offer was for breakfast and evening meal,as I had read on another wesbsite that the offer was for breakfast and
  13. Thanks for that.I filed claim on 5th Sept and they offered full amount on 19th Sept.
  14. Hi I have received a letter from Capital one saying they will pay in full.Yipee !! What do I do now? I know I have to let the court know but can I do this in a simple letter or do I need to fill in a form ? Thanks KK
  15. Hi I received a letter from the court today saying that Capital One intend to defend.I also received a letter from Capital One offering half the amount that they owe me,should I accept their offer as partial payment or should I ignore their letter now that I have entered a claim against them.Thanks.
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