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  1. yeah thats what i ment lol. so in fareness they get a max of £150.00* say... im going to give my reason of what happend but not plead guilty of the offence but offer an out of court settlement either way.
  2. not sure how the court works how much of the above would they get in compensation out of the two?
  3. Hi Same thing happend to me. lost some cash on the way from bolton to manchester in oct so i desided at manchester to buy a ticket from salford cres as i just had enough cash on me, yeah i could of used my card but i was a bit short as i recently lost my job. fool i am! so he took me details cautioned me and he then buggered off to deal with somthing else so i wasnt aware they woul write to me or anything.. well today i just got a letter asking for full explaination.... what is your best thoughts? write to them with an offer or open offer to settle? & how much is it likely though the cou
  4. Hi All. Need some help. I ENQ about taking a car out with welcome car finance in April 2008. due to a new job away and my prev car broke down. The sales people was really pushy and took advantage my own faulted needing a car for work at times they was pushing for me to purchase a car at £260 (even though i said on the form at the front desk of around £130 maybe abit more, thinking i can afford more but didnt want to tell them) i said no way as they put the extra insurance on, got to many stages of me wanted to leave but i couldnt as the door was locked at their liverpool
  5. like i prev said.. it was a statement of my own affairs which i didnt go to much into as it was nothing todo with this POND.. you are correct on your grounds. but advice stop reading text book stuff everyday... about CCA yes you are correct but have i mentioned anything regarding that??
  6. have i insulted anyone? no or given any info out i was meer stating a fact which is correct.. 15 year old debt yes can be depending on the ins and outs of the meer fact what sort of debt? how the structual was set up etc. and moved house etc. CCJ? Timo? very limited statement of affairs based on my own remark there is afew strange things in the water atm!!
  7. One thing many people have overlooked i tried the trial thought it was rather crap rather use torrents. is the fact that they miss charge you.. the first email actuly asks for a full 12 months payment up front? when there CC states it rolls over month to month.. so they have never invoiced you for the correct amount which means its unforceable... anyways.
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