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  1. Sorry guys, forgot to update !! They upheld my appeal, sure using my CAG email address helped !!
  2. Thanks Armadillo71, and Dx, How should I proceed with a reply letter to them. Thanks
  3. Hi Dx, Thanks for your help. The letter does not state when they reckon they sent the first letter. This one which was received on 28 November 2014, stating that the £60 had not been paid and was now £100. 28 days to reply from 26 November 2014. Thanks.
  4. Many thanks, I don't quite understand your abbreviations, but look forward to your help. cheers.
  5. for what I understand is, that the land owner would not be out of pocket as they were using the amenities, and that even if the badge had been forgotten to be put on display, then the tax disc would have vel printed on it anyway.
  6. sure........ A friend of mine parked in a car park, in a disabled bay in a motorbillity registered car with her disabled daughter, but is unsure whether she displayed her blue badge. An invoice has been received for £100 as it states that we did not pay the £60 requested in previous letter ( Which has never been received). The car park was for an entertainment complex, and she parked there to go to the cinema and to have some food for the pair of them. Any advice would help. Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, I have been looking through the forum, for an email address for ukcps, to save postage. Any help would be appreciated . Many thanks
  8. Hi there, just after some advice please. My wife had a bank account in our married name and the credit card was still in her maiden name. Barclays offset the credit card from her bank account (even though was different surname). Also the bank has no credit agreement for the acct( sent sar) can they do this without any written agreement ?? No agreement for barclaycard available either !! Thanks.
  9. Thanks for all your views. I was trust trying to see if I had a chance to get default removed, but does not sound good !!
  10. Thanks. This has already been to court, the dj did state the default defective as the claimants name and address were missing. As this was mentioned , would I be able to remove from cra.
  11. Thanks for the reply. ! I was just wondering, as everything was returned to the way it was before default/termination, ie monthly payments etc, it was like the agreement had been reactivated
  12. Did they send you any letter/s before hand with states Letter Before Action etc THEY MUST GIVE YOU PRIOR WARNING, BEFORE ISSUING THE CLAIM !
  13. Please, could anybody help with some advice. If an agreement was defaulted s87 1, then Terminated, then proceeded to court, and at court an order was made to adjourn with a liberty to restore, would................... 1) the agreement be restored. 2) The Termination revoked 3) The Default removed The way I see it, if the agreement was not put back prior to the creditors actions, then surely the account would still be terminated, am I right or wrong. Thanks. Happy New Year !!
  14. I still cannot log into my web mail account, can anybody please help.
  15. Many thanks, just a thought my Yahoo account was hacked last week, don't know if this has anything to do with the problem. Thanks. Steve.
  16. sorry, I meant to say my webmail account.
  17. Hi there, sorry to hijack but I am having problems logging into account.I keep entering log in and password but keeps saying that password is invalid, please could you help.
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