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  1. Hi All, I have not heard from Lloyds' sollicitors at all until now, I still got a couple of calls for the overdraft issues from their debt collections department but nothing too harassing. I am going to gourt in 3 weeks from now, I am getting prepared for that, do you have any advice on what I should do? I thought of gathering all my documentation, sending it to the court and to their sollicitors and say that I plan to use all of that in court. Can you think of something else? Thanks Stephane
  2. Oh well, I sent back the questionnaire yesterday and today I received a letter from Lloyds lawyer asking me to pay for my overdraft (191£), which was obviously created by their charges and not by me using the money, otherwise they may start court proceedings against me on that. No mention of the other case, of course... Should I just ignore that letter? I am not sure how to handle that, I might as well pay for this so they stop buggin me with his (up to five calls a week by their recovery team). What do you guys think? Stephane
  3. I read your whole thread, nice one. At the end however you say it is a bad idea to mark the letters "without prejudice". What does it imply? And also the solicitors letters always had "Without Prejudice Confidential and Privileged" what's the implication of these? I'll send my allocation questionnaire tonight and see what happens. Thanks.
  4. I just received a letter from the court saying Lloyds has filed a defence. The defence letter is standard stuff and not personal at all. "the customer agreed to a contract", "charges are clearly indicated in their guide to banking charges", "there is no breach of contract, charges are therefore not a penalty" (maybe this one is difficult to refute?), "the customer is given advance warnings" (false, there was no way to remedy rejected direct debits, "charges are fair and reasonable and it is denied they are unlawful." So as we see, they deny my claim entirely.
  5. Thanks for the reply, They just sent the reply to the court stating that they would defend the claim, they have 28 days, it's the paper that says they want more time, instead of the 14 days given by the court. That's all I received so far, no court date or allocation questionnaire.
  6. Hello All, I started an action against my bank after sending them letters complaining about recurrent "returned direct debit charges" (over £600). They replied with the usual "refer to the terms and conditions...", so I filled in a claim at moneyclaim.gov.uk. I thought we would stop there but they have replied with their solicitors saying that they intend to defend the claim. This means we are going to court. I will have to prove them wrong but I am not a lawyer and I am worried I might not conduct the talk in the right way. Can anybody advice on the main points I should fo
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