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  1. as the title says really was on my way out this morning and a van pulled into my cul de sac as i was driving out had I feeling they where coming to mine thought it was my lovely friends from equita but it was somebody from a company called high court enforcement for a debt my hubby has on a loan from a credit union. just wondering if they are like equita baliffs or are they linked with courts? any info would be a great help thanks.
  2. Hi I need some advise regarding a dro. My husband and I applied for a dro before xmas and was told that we would qualify for one as we matched the criteria. We recieved a letter saying everything was been processed and then on tuesday I recieved a phone call from them( national debt hepline) going though the application in more detail, when I asked the woman why she was going through just my debts and not my hubbys as well she said that because he is earning that he doesnt qualify and because I only receive tax credits and child benefit then I quailify but then she was going through all the
  3. thank you all for your replies. will take your advise and send off breakdown off fees letter and keep you updated
  4. no the only thing we have are child/working tax credits and my hubbys wage, at the min I am looking to go back to work and have recently been to jobcentre to put in a claim for jsa and they have refused the claim for benefits because firstly my hubby is working and secondly I havent contributed any ni to get contribution based jsa
  5. I have 4 accounts outstanding for council tax : current address for last year £471,2 accounts for a previous address £45 which is with the baliffs(just paid off) and £848 which is being paid off by payment plan with council and 1 account from 6 years ago which we have paid off and on for £125 which is also being paid off to the council on a payment plan
  6. hi I have just been in council and paid the £45 off and spoke to a member of staff and they said now the debt is paid I still need to pay the fees to equita can they still chase me for the fees?
  7. I have also being diagnosed with depression so would this class me has being vunerable?
  8. Hi lizzie, this debt is blackburn council, dont have details to for the fees but the debt that is for £45 has gone up to 274 with the baliff so I am assuming this is all the fees the have added on top. would I be able to pay the £45 direct to the council?
  9. we have a few outstanding amounts for council tax. We recently wrote to our local council with a financial summary and they have agreed to reduce payments on two accounts thus leaving two accounts with the baliffs one for £45.16 and one for£471.58 which the council they refuse to take back. my problem is we have been trying to reduce our outgoings in order to pay of some of our debts and have a car on hp which we are sending back because we cannot afford payments and day to day running costs of the car,we also have a car which we own outright and is needed to get kids to school etc, we just
  10. the orginal debt is for about 750 and the amount that thy want is 911.53 my husband told them that the car was on hp
  11. havent got that letter to hand the part about the police was hand wriiten and said next visit would be with police so they could gain entry. the car finance company told my husband that the car would still belong to them until the very last payment was made and the baliffs could not take it
  12. this is what is on the letter i recieved today I must now give you 24 hours statutory notice of my intentions to recall and remove your effects, suffcient to satisfy the debt and costs. To keep cost to yourself to a minimum, I ask that you contact me to arrange a time suitable for us to be allowed access to your premises. Should you wish to avoid this distressing course of action and the resulting costs incurred. They have hand written that min payment 223.20 to be paid tomorrow and the debt will not be returned
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