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  1. I was shopping in Ilford Debenhams with my daughter last Saturday - the assistant in the fitting room was very rude and unhelpful - at one point she instructed me to move away from the cubicle where I was giving my opinion on my daughter's prospective purchases - "store policy is one person one cubicle" I told her not to be so ridiculous and a bit of shouting ensued. Then she went away, and next thing I know three blokes charge into the changing room where my daughter is half-undressed and tell us to leave the building immediately!! I had NO IDEA that these powers had been granted to department stores' private armies..... after all they fling open their doors and spend millions on advertising to entice us inside so they can make their profits .... so I said "no way" we were customers and hadnt decided what we were buying yet .... they then ARRESTED me ... read me my rights (had they been watching too much telly?? or are they allowed?) and locked me in a cell (much bigger space than their changing rooms) while they called the police...... I have written a lengthy letter of complaint to their CEO and Chair, but have had a letter back saying all their staff are polite and nice and assaulting customers conforms to their company policy - apparently so where next??? all advice and support welcome - not sure if you can upload photos to this site but you can check out my bruises on Login | Facebook
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