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  1. I paid it. Given the whole train station and by-law thing I thought I was running a big risk not paying it.
  2. When people talk about the invoice needing to mention the byelaw in order to be in accordance with them, is there any official documentation I can read online to find out about this?
  3. Hmmm, still mixed reactions. It's 7 days tomorrow since I received the charge notice, I was thinking about appealing it as a last option but have realised it would be a waste of time. Not only will they not respond within 7 days, sending the charge up to £80 but they will probably ignore it anyway. I guess my choices are pay up or ignore it and run the risk. Seems like a big risk as it's a railway. What would you guys do in my situation?
  4. So a railway can put signs up talking about byelaws but unless a byelaw ticket is issued, it doesn't apply? Or will I only know what applies if I ignore it and get a letter through talking about magistrate's court? So you think I should pay it, even thought I paid for parking? It could have quite easily fell off, I'd be in the exact same situation. I don't care for morals when the "discounted" fee is £45, it's absolute robery.
  5. I can't tell if this is serious or sarcasm Sorry if I mistake this. So if the PPC was enforcing the Byelaw they would state this on the ticket, but since they are claiming contractural damages I can assume they are not in a legal position to enforce the Byelaw? Is the ticket conclusive when making that observation? Would asking the ticket office at the railway help, or should I avoid tha?
  6. I have read that thread and some others but seems a few of the regular posters often start disagreeing about byelaws which leaves me unsure. When does a byelaw actually have an effect, when the railway company issue the fine themselves or when the private company are legally permitted to enforce the law?
  7. So the car park being owned by the railway doesn't change things? wheelergeezer said it's not the same at a railway, so still not sure
  8. So do you think I should pay, appeal or ignore it?
  9. I've made a big correction to my original post, the company is actually CP Plus. Here is the ticket: Here are the signs at the car park:
  10. I'm assuming the railway own the car park seeing as I bought the parking ticket from them. Also on the CP Plus website they advertise the fact that they monitor car parks for this particular railway company.
  11. I'm not sure how that isn't an answer to the question asked, he asked if it was in a railway car park, which it was so I answered yes. Railway / train station - same thing right? I will check the ticket when I get hom and post the info. Thanks for the replies so far.
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