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  1. I need to ask something, My debit card is registered with Argos/very/littlwoods. Should I cancel my debit card and request a new one I'm not sure if they can still charge against my debit card without my permission?
  2. Thank you guys this has really been helpfull I've just gone onto my stepchange account ready to close it down with them and noticed they have DCA's down for payments that are different to my credit report which my credit report is upto date this month. PRA for example are now the owners of 2 debts according to my credit file yet stepchange have westcote down for one of them. Halifax CC debt has gone from westcot to Link Financial outsourcing yet until I got a statement today/looked at my credit report the other week I thought stepchange were upto date clearly they aren't so I'm not even sure at the moment who actually has some of these debts. They'll know doubt write to me will these companies once stepchange stop paying them and I will setup a payment plan with them as they write to me. Thanks again guys it's eased the stress a bit. Wife has a job interview today so I'm hoping we'll know more later on once they call her
  3. Thanks for helping out guys it's really appreciated. I will be stopping my DD with stepchange next month after they have taken payment and will probably default on the remaining creditors I haven't with already by the start of August. Stepchange will write to them and let them know I have stopped using them. Do I wait for them to contact me first and then shoot off recorded letters stating I am now taking control of the DMP myself and ask for a budget sheet to be sent to me or I can provide one and ask for Standing order forms? They were paying £30 to the biggest debt at 10k and the other 5 were getting £5+ a month =£61 However as I said Very/Littlewoods/Argos and Likley loans will be my next ones to default on. I can roughly afford £70 a month from September so I could split the payments up over the 10 creditors of £7 each until my wife finds a job. Total debt will be around £29k or if the ones I defualt on took there interest off it would be £23,900 I will try and ask them to do this. Should I ever speak to them on the phone? or should I just do everything in writing (recorded) PRA group are already buying up a lot of the debts and started ringing my home phone a couple of times a day. I've blocked them at the moment. I appreciate all the help
  4. It was suggested on another forum I post on that it could have been the DPF filter as you say. It was suggested that the wife took it out onto the motorway and spent about 15-20 mins doing about 50mph low gears high revs to clear it, however it brokedown as she got round the corner from our house. Recovery came out and checked it out and said it was the EGR valve that was stuck open and needed replacing or cleaned. managed to get it towed to a garage who fitted a new one. they also said the fuel filter was a total write off as well one of the worst they had even seen apparently so replaced that. They've kept the car overnight and told us it's running but they want to take it for a ride out and do about 15 miles to make sure it's all running ok and will let the wife know later if it's running ok and she can collect it then. It hasn't really been looked after, it had a regular service for about 4 years then they didn't do one for about 6 years, it then had 2 last year but it didn't say what kind they had only that in one of them the oil filter was changed. So it seems we are picking the tab up on lack of care for this one. The recovery guy said was it a bit jittery when you went to buy the car and we said yes but the dealer said it was normal for diesel cars and it did seem to run ok. He clearly new it was on it;s way out and just took advantage of our lack of understanding of cars.
  5. Hi, Zas90 How much has it cost to start the ball rolling might be going down this route myself?
  6. Bumping this thread as the car has developed a new fault. So the wife came to pick me up from work tonight, taking into account the car is now 2 months old and only done 1000 miles since we had it. She said it was feeling sluggish in first and second gear however she set off and it seemed fine, got around 1/2 a mile down the road and black smoke started coming out of the Exhaust and it did this sporadic for about 2 miles up the road before clearing. We drove the car about another 2 miles and picked up some food for my daughter who ate it in the car sat parked...after around 30 mins we set off home no smoke came from the Exhaust but the car was slowly struggling to pick up speed 1st/2nd gear but was ok in 3rd...got about 2 miles down the road and the engine management light came on. Car starts up ok...We paid £1600 for the car, 95k miles and put on about 1000 since we had it and now this problem. This is just a joke now it's a diesel car where do I legally stand it's only 2 months old since we got it and first it was the ABS sensor now this. We don't have the money to buy a new car and I feel ripped off by the seller if its a huge job we don't have the money which means no car and wife has no job anymore.
  7. I'm with Stepchange but leaving them to do a DMP on my own with the creditors. I've found SC not very good and kept pushing to go bankrupt and they are very pushy. I've also added more debt onto myself since being with them which will only fuel the fire with them so figured it might be easier to go alone with it. These other accounts Very/Littlewoods/Argos and Likley I haven't defaulted just yet I've got enough to make 1-2 more payments to them all and thats it. This way I've told the wife once I default on the other companies I have credit with I wont be able to get anymore credit for a long time which is kind of a relief because I've learnt a huge lesson from all of this and I don't ever plan on getting like this again. Once we have sorted out our financies, I'm setting up a savings account to fall back on if we need anything.
  8. Yes that was the case all the debts were with DCA's when I applied for the loans. Would this make a difference to me defaulting now on this loan?
  9. Yes I had been on a DMP plan for since about 2017. I was registered with clear score and this came up as something I could get based on people in my current situation. Been on a DMP for a few years now about 6 creditors which have all gone over to DCA's over a year ago. However I had Littlewoods/very/argos I never declared on my DMP as they all had 0 balance at the time I defaulted on the others....the idea was if something broke down like washer/tv etc they were something I could fall back on with the idea I wouldn't use them for anything else. However as time progressed I ended up dipping into them for stuff and family buying things some not paying in the end after a fall out just landed me deeper into debt on my DMP the crippling point was Child Support Agency made a big mistake it had been coming out of my wage but they hadn't been taking in enough in around 10/12 years when CMS took over they looked into my account and informed me there was arrears of 11k so the £286 a month towards debts the CMS started taking which pushed my Min payment towards debts to £61 a month. This is when it started the ball rolling landing me further into debts. I haven't got defaulted in Argos/Very/Littlwoods or Likley loans this is going to happen soon. I have however got another thread going about the other debts on another post in the subforums as was asked by the site team to post about Likley loans in here.
  10. I've been asked to put a post on this side of the forum regarding Likleyloans I'm about a month or 2 away from defaulting on payments on a £1600 loan @£72 a month over 54 months £1,600.00 over 54 months £72.64 per month over 54 months APR is 59.94% Total repayable is £3,922.56 Total cost to borrow is £2,322.56 This was a loan I took out in November 2018 However a job that was supposed to go permenant is now going to end in August due to funding cuts. This will go with other debts putting my total debts to around £29k It has been suggested that I pay £5 PCM till a time that my wife can get work again so looking for advice with this one, thanks.
  11. Currently have credit with (not defaulted yet) This will probably happen in the next couple of months Argos £850 Very £1000 Littlewoods £3,800 (half of that is BNPL) so if they took the interest off it would be £1900 Likely Loans £1,600 (£3559) with interest (took this loan out in December 18) On clearscore it shows them as closed accounts (2017) and the amount as of today is:- Cabot £10,995 Cabot £2,424 Intrum UK £1,156 PRA £1,108 PRA £2,427 Link Financial £1,597 Total debt will then be around £28,800 (£39,800) inc 11k child support arrears Once the wife loses her job her final pay will be mid August if she hasn't managed to secure another job my September my income will be taken up on just general bills. My current bills are Rent £355 Child support £300 (inc paying back a debt of 11k) CT £94 Mobiles x2 £64 Dental plan £11.50 General bills £360 This can be house inurance, car tax, VM (£84) looking to switch to sky for (£54) £1200 is roughly what we pay out. I earn around £1,350 a month (we get a small amount of TC £40 month plues Child benefit £80 month) Leaving me with £270 to pay towards Debts and buy food as not taken food into account I'm not going back with stepchange I'm going to try and do this myself writing to them. If she gets a job I could probably pay around £200 a month back split over 10 of them which would take 10 years to pay back. Child support ended up being the nail in the coffin when it went to CMS they saw a short fall in my payments over 10+ years their fault they admitted I hadn't been paying enough and my ex told them she wanted the 11K back so they have just been increasing payments as and when they feel like it which ended up me having to drop my debt payments from £286 a month down to £61 this is how I ended up getting into further debt borrowing on BNPL on stuff and loans etc. I was thinking of offering them all £7 a month each £70 which will leave me with about £200 for food?
  12. I'm here looking for advice, I got into some debt a few years ago after trying to manage money with different CC cards, a loan for 14k etc and wife lost her job putting us in around 24k debt. I went to stepchange I paid back around 4.5k over 3 years it currently stands at £19,700 however Stepchange DMP was crippling us financially on the little things you put down on a DMP and I wasn't managing the money very well either to the point we had 2 catalugues while on a DMP and a store card with argos I didn't declare and we have just ended up borrowing on these. it got so bad I even took out a £1600 loan at christmas high interest £3500 to be paid back to pay off some of theses existing bills. Adding onto this exisitng debt it's now going to be 29k I've managed to rack up another 10k ontop of my existing DMP which these companies don't know yet but soon I won't be able to pay them. So my total debt will be 29k come August/September. It all started my wife losing her job, then doing uni for 2 years which is when I managed to pay back the 4.5k. After she finished the course spec said they would more then likley got a job with the college as that would be the only place she could work with this degree. This would have brought in 29k a year... long story short we ended up borrowing from catalogues for things like my daughters birthday and Christmas presents. The TV broke so had to replace it but it was all BNPL which has doubled the cost because we literally had no income for these things. but this job never happened there was one space and they said she didnt score enough points in the interview. This left us with no income to the point I spoke to stepchange and they reduced the DMP to £61 a month and suggested I went bankrupt but my wife wouldn't let me do this so we struggled on. She got a call at christmas to say a job at come up for her to start end of January I got this loan high interest £1600 that managed to cover some BNPL stuff. This was £72 a month for 5 years however this job she was told was temp till August this year but not to worry as it will probably go permenant . She got told 3 weeks ago that the local council have pulled funding and they won't be able to let her go permenant now and her contract will end 31 August this year. it's just been one thing after another and we are totally drowning in debt and not handling money well at all. ontop of this I have a 11k debt with childsupport and it was this that started the whole ball rolliing in crippling us while on the DMP. I've told stepchange I will be stopping my DMP with them as I feel so ashamed to tell them we racked up more debt while on a DMP and I know you shouldn't do that. I spoke to the wife yesterday and told her I can't do this anymore trying to keep up the payments she wanted to keep them in the first place with having no money in case something broke down and we couldn't replace them and it's just gone out of control. I've told her I'm stopping all payments to stepchange inc the existing creditors I am with now so I have nothing on credit at all and starting again with my own DMP plan. We need some serious help we aren't managing money well at all and I don't even know where to start doing a DMP and looks simple on paper but using that in real life has been difficult. I've told the wife it's getting to the point if this carried on I wouldn't be coming home from work one day because all the debts are in my name. I've told her no more credit it stops here I've stopped everything I've put myself in a position I can't get anymore credit and I don't want anymore I never ever used to live like this. I really need some help I'm scared that ballifs will come take the door down one day when I'm at work and clear the house out if these companies go for a CCJ. What do I do?
  13. Just an update to this, the seller never responded to the email sent and I just decided to get it looked at anyway which was a faulty sensor £80 to get fixed. This was on the front drivers side which had a timing belt change so could have damaged the sensor on that side.
  14. I did think it might just be a sensor fault.. .However does that not conflict with consumer rights? I thought I was protected for 6 months so that a car purchase should at least be free from fault during that time? I wouldn't have bought the car and drove it off the court if I knew there was a known fault? hence the fault that has just started now? unless he had the codes cleared and it's come back now?
  15. Bought an Xsara Picasso just going on 30 days as I type this post. Not sure where I fall into this catagory of statuary rights? 30 days or 6 months. wife emailed the seller after closing hours so I guess it will be classed as next working day now putting us out of the 30 day rights? Car flashed up ABS non function and hasn't gone off since. looking on the internet that car is still safe to drive as it defaults to standard breaking (fail safe) just no ABS function. Which I'm glad as she needs the car for work as has to travel around from job to job. Now the seller might just say sure bring it down I'll take a look and sort it. But if he does put a fight up where do I stand if I get the fault looked at myself at my cost and try and get the money back that way? While the brakes still work ok I don't want to be hanging about with no ABS function for too long considering I have a small child (we don't do any motorway driving) so wont need to be braking at speed.
  16. Just an update to this thread CMS sent me a letter on my account tonight with a 14 day response time. They have said I have missed 4 payments of £50.50 and want an explanation. As per the start of this thread a letter never came for the agreed £250 per month despite my online account saying £261.50 per month. I contact them VIA my online account they have a message centre to contact them regarding things with my account but never bothered to respond ...did this twice over a number of weeks. I also took screen shots of my account statement over a 5 day period in December my account was saying £261.50 one day the next it was saying £210.84, 261.50 the day after that then 210.84 etc. The £210.84 was the original 2018-2019 payments set out for the next 12 months the conversation on the phone was different to what was happening on my account. I looked on my account tonight and the only letters on my account are as follows. £210.84 2018-2019 statement £1200 a month statement for 2018-2019 (which was a mistake on their part) The letter they sent me today saying I had missed 4 payments of £50.50 Should I call them or write to them with the screen shots provided asking where the £261.50 came from on the phone they said £250 a month and don't make any changes till the letter comes. even if you take away the £50.50 from the £261.50 it comes to £211 which is still not accurate to the £210.84 on my account.
  17. Hi, Wifes parents recently moved house and a parcel was sent to them but the wrong house number, £50+ food hamper tracked by my hermes. it was signed for on the on the 20th but didn't find out till 2 days ago it was sent to the wrong house. He's been round to the house and they have denied all knowledge of having it. Just wondering where we stand legally on this as the parcel wasn't in the persons name who signed for it. is it a case of tuff luck or can the police be contacted for theft?
  18. No I don't have the means to do that....However they do appear to record all their calls, least that is my understanding from the copy of the sar request I put in last year and the evidance they sent me
  19. I think that is what I will have to do sooner or later. I'm aware they can take upto 40% so far they haven't asked for a budget and I haven't really argued with them over the phone. My gripe is not so much paying the arrears it's the way they are doing it. had a HMRC statement from them which worked out my earnings to pay for 12 months with increased arrears for 2019. but then a month later changed that to 98% of my wage. Fair enough it might have been an error on the computers part trying to claim back the arrears in 12 months. Made a phone call to enquire about it, mentioned the statement for the next 12 months including increased arrears I was paying back already inc in that statement and basically just wanted the £1206 reverted back to the £211 they had set it to for the next 12 months. only when she went away and came back she said we can only take a min £250 payment from today for the next 12 months. So I agreed with that I then asked shall I changed my SO now then. She said no wait for a letter to come. this was on the 30th November still no letter but I have seen changes on my online account where the forcast for the next 12 months is £261.50 so this wasn't the agreed amount on the phone. My case being its not that I am refusing to pay arrears it's them saying one thing then doing another. I checked my online account the other day after I sent them a message about the £261.50 and it went back to £211. Only the next day it was back to £261.50 so I messaged them again and I've just checked before I wrote this and it was back to £211. So not sure what is going on and reluctant to call them. I've screen shotted with dates to show changes on my account day by day so that I have some evidence to show I can't keep track of it. It was CSA in the first place that got me into 12k debt they admitted liablity for it I've got a copy of the recording for that so they did say as long as I was paying something to the arrears it was ok. Seems CSA and CMS are just the same people with a name change.
  20. So just to bump this thread up. They told me to wait for a letter to come before I increased my SO to the agreed £250 on the phone. This letter hasn't come yet but I thought I would check on my online account anyway and noticed instead of £250 a month they have put it to £261.50 a month. It's just a joke. It was £200 a month for a year then in November increased arrears payments to £211 a month. Then the month after wanted £1206 I called them agreed the arrears were £250 a month and now my online account says £261.50 a month how does that work?
  21. Thanks for getting in touch, My wage changes each month as working weekeds pays a bit more some months than others so I would say £1280 - £1400 month to month. My main complaint was that they sent a break down of payments for 12 months for £211 inc £43 towards the arrears. £168 being the base payments. A month later they send me a message with another new break down for 12 months at £1206 a month dropping my base payments down to £149 and arrears payements of £1057. They couldn't even tell me where they got that figure from. Then out of the blue just decided to up my arrears another £40 a month. All I called for was to ask for an explanation as to why they changed things less then a month later after writing to me and she get funny with me on the phone when she couldn't explain. I understand about the 40% they can take but I know they have to take into account my financial situation so they don't leave me with out providing for every day essentials.
  22. I posted in another site but I got no replies I'm guessing nobody could answer on there. Who do you turn to for advice away from the CMS if they start getting funny over payments? I had a 12k debt with them after finding out 2017 once it transfered from CSA to CMS. They admitted it was their fault and told me to pay what I wanted towards the debt that I could afford. So as long as I was paying somethng they weren't bothered. So in 2017 they agreed to take £171 for my daughter and £30 for arrears £201 A year later October 2018 they sent me a new break down based on my earnings the base payment went down to £168 but they increased arrears payments to £43 so I changed SO to £211 first payment came out in November this year. 1/11/2018 - 1/09/2019 £211 I then get a CMS message on my account on the 29th November a month after the last statement with a new one saying from 1/12/2018 - 1/09/2019 new payments are £1206 a month I gave them a call to this ass of a women who ws under the impression that although my monthly earning were £1300 a month the arrears had to be paid and wasn't bothered I had a 5 year old to feed as well as pay rent and council tax etc She then went away for about 5 mins and came back and couldn't explain where the £1206 came from and banged on about didn't you get a statement which I said yes for £168 a month plus £43 towards arrears £211 but for some reason even though I can see this on my account she couldn't find it. She then told me my base payment was actually £149 a month not £168 even though my online account says different but this new £1206 statement they have just released says £149 and couldn't explain it. She then told me actually we can only take a min payment for £250 a month today she seemed not interested that a month before they gave me a breakdown for the whole year for £211. She wouldn't give me an explanation as why after issuing a statement already after getting HMRC details that they can only accept a min payment that was more than they originally said and got funny with me about enforcement action Who do you actually go to for advice over this?
  23. Thanks I will take all this into consideration
  24. Where there is blame there is a claim joking aside. I won't make a claim where there isn't justice to make one but the company that built this shopping centre should make it clear like any other company with markings to inform someone that there is a possible trip hazard or any other hazard for that matter. It's ok me putting blame on them I never considered it at the time until they got pushy about trying to convince my wife who was actually dazed at the time putting words in her mouth that it was her own fault. Then writing her response down in the notes I find it really unprofessional and a bad tactic to try and get the victim to admit guilt while confused. I'm not actually doing anything yet. I'm keeping my options open and have so far emailed the company with regards to updating them of the situation regarding her arm.
  25. My wife had an accident at York Designer Outlet tripping over a raised platform and landing on her right arm fracturing her shoulder. Ended up having to get an ambulance and go to York Hospital. She had first aid treatment and they were pretty quick to come over and get an ambulance. although while trying to establish the facts they did seem to get a little pushy on putting blame onto my wife. She brought food over for my daughter facing me to talk about our food. the seating was next to the raised platform and as she turned to walk didn't see the floor was higher than the rest and there didn't appear to be any markings to suggest otherwise. The guy did argue with me about the floor being a different colour to signify that it was raised and that it had a railing in the middle but from where my wife was stood (photos below) this wasn't obvious. Was going to use a no win no fee company but not sure how good these are and what hidden fees I might expect? I've put in the photo where I was sat and an arrow where wife turned and fell over the platform. There wasn't any markings to let you know it was there
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