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  1. I'm going through exactly the same, Mint/RBS, illegible postcard size. Then handed to Triton, followed by Green & co and now Wescot, think this will continue for some time yet.
  2. 1st Crud have sent me exactly the same, 2 typed up documents with a undated letter.... must have taken them ages ! My stuff has also been outstanding since 2008.
  3. I'm not an expert so sorry can't advise in this instance. Battling with Mint because they sent a postage size copy of the CCA and have now handed to a DCA who are threatening me.
  4. I have something similar, how did you get on ?
  5. How far did you get with this ? I have an identical one and noted that the interest rates are different point 3 v point 5
  6. Hi How did you get on with this ? I have received exactly the same from them. Let me know please
  7. Thanks B'card did not respond to my letters, all send recorded, so I guess I have to wait now for the FOS outcome. At least if it goes to court I can show that I did everything possible to keep them informed and the reason for my dispute.
  8. Many thanks, will do Have made a contribution to support an excellent forum
  9. Thank you ... They caught me off guard, when I asked who DML was they wouldn't say... very strange. They asked for personal info which I was unwilling to divulge and they said they could not discuss the account, I said I could not offer any further info and directed them to the FOS. I was brief and to the point and have followed it up with a letter to be sent recorded delivery. I'm not sure why barclaycard would insist on handing this to 3 different DCA's when the account is in dispute and the case is being handled by the FOS. Lloyds have done the same - Is this normal practice ?
  10. Barclaycard failed to provide a CCA, even after letter 7 so I handed the case over to the FOS because they were pursuing unlawfully. Barclaycard then handed over to Mercers, who chased the debt. I informed them that the account was in dispute and should be returned to Barclaycard. They did then Barclaycard handed over the Calder, I informed Calder of the situation and they chose to ignore the dispute. Calder has handed over to Debt Managers Ltd and they are now harassing me. They phoned me today and I asked them who DML was they would not say I later found out that it was Debt Managers L
  11. From the debt collection library Good luck
  12. You're right, nothing on the back. They altered mine in several sections, including the date, there were missing clauses and it was also illegible. On page 2 it had been countersigned a year later. I have sent a non-compliance letter to Lloyds and forwarded copies of all paperwork to the FOC. I'm now waiting for a response from both.
  13. I sent 2 recorded delivery letters... the first was to a home address and was received and signed for the next day, the other was to Lloyds and never arrived ... ask yourself, where do all these bank/building society recorded deliveries go to. Also, the woman in the PO had a couldn't care attitude ... no wonder they are closing POs !!! I wish someone like Richard Branson would come along and give RM a run for their money !!!
  14. I do not believe this is a properly executed agreement it is merely an application with some terms included so I have gone back to them disputing their claims. I understand about the debt still existing but what powers do they have to collect on this should it be unenforceable ? What, if anything, can they do to recover the money in such a situation ? I am trying to preempt their next move. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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