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  1. humm, I see your points planner & Emma, I guess the converstaions between me and him seem more important than they actualy are, also as I am the one who feels wronged & I may have been looking it from the wrong perspective. it would seem that it is even stevens then? On one side he can say that there was no deposit and this means that I was two months rent ahead, meaning I paid untill the end of my contract On the other he can say that I never had two months rent but infact 1 and a deposit, I think he wont use this one for obvious reasons.... So all round you think
  2. jackie and wayne, Hi there, we are happy although it was a tip when we moved in! with regards to him offering to re let thats not the case, he was private before and sorted it out himself, then he moved abroad and as his tenants have left he has moved them over to the new letting agent.
  3. Hi Planner ok here is my list of the top of my head. 1-we gave what we belived to be correct notice and he said ok thats great, not, hold on you cant you must pay to the end of the term but i can relet it for you, 2- he asked many times if we could give him the keys early so he could get the work done before a re let, again if he was not happy about us leaving and was expecting us to maintain the payments why would he ask? 3- we did not leave the house and post the keys i.e abandon, he gave us his parents address and asked us to drop the keys of, agin if he was not happy and say
  4. UPDATE. he has just sent me this email, he now says he has no address in the uk and can i send the papers to OZ. Again his email followed by my response. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rob a. The tenancy agreement started on June 30th 2008 and finished on June 30th 2009 with NO deposit taken - You are liable to pay the rent as detailed in the agreement each month for the 12 month period of the agreement, as detailed in the terms and conditions of the agreement (5.1) the tenant cannot end the agreement before the end of the term. T
  5. DPS - No Deposit held TDSL - No Deposit held TDS - Say they dont protect individual landlords, only letting agaents & corporate landlords?
  6. True enough, I will make those calls today. It seems this must be the sort of situation the tds stuff was designed to help avoid
  7. Hi Natalie, thanks for the offer, I will make those calls today, it’s a bit of a twist now he claims that we never paid a deposit and simply agreed to pay him two months’ rent upfront (which we never, we have our initial agreement showing the £480 deposit, but it is dated before the tds came in, although we did sign a new one in 07 and again in 08 after the tds) 1st tenancy - 4th feb 07 showing £480 deposit - 6 months agreement 2nd tenancy - 12th aug 07 showing £480 deposit - 12 months agreement 3rd tenancy - 12th June 08 showing N/A for deposit - 12 months agreement
  8. Hi Planner, I am glad you responded as I have read allot of your advice and it seems to be very rounded and un biased. surely the landlord would struggle more to prove we abandoned the property than we would to prove a surrender, also his constant changing of reason for keeping the deposit would go against him. his last email is a blatant lie as I would prove with the initial tenancy agreement? dont get me wrong, i am not just looking for you to agree with me. I value your advice
  9. Thanks for the comments, here for your reading pleausre are the emails between myself and him, starting with the oldest to the latest. I have put ?? over information i am not sure I could put on the internet. I also have a few emails about him getting the windows done (never happend) and quotes for the front and back yard (never happend) FROM THE LANDLORD TO ME FROM ME TO THE LANDLORD NOTES --------------------------------------------------------------------- 30/04/2009 Hi ????, Earlier this week Annie and I received a telephone call from the housing department at th
  10. Hi all, So where to start. I had an AST with my partner which was for 12 Months ending the 30 June 2009, on the 30/04/09 we gave our notice to our landlord that we would be moving out on the 4th June as we did not know that we would still be liable for the rent until the end of the term but.... The landlord was happy for us to leave so we believed all was well. We moved out and handed the keys to his parents as he works / lives abroad and left it a week before sending a polite note asking if all went well with inspection and could he forward our deposit. This is where it a
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