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  1. Hi Biker thanks for your post. Hopefully I am on the way to sorting this mess out as I decided in December to ditch these losers for a local law firm and I suggest others do the same. I am sorry to hear that you had problems too but that doesn't suprise me. I don't know what their game is but I never really felt as though they were on board with me. Hope all goes well for you. backpainz XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:mad:
  2. Hi sam. I have receicved a follow up letter stating that the account is now on hold. My letter of request was sent on the 17th july. I am soon sending follow on letter in regard to the 12+2 days. Am I to assume this is normal from them ? Cheers backpainz L:pD2
  3. Hi again Just a thought (because I really hate lowells now) and I want to know if I can kick them back. I wish to know if they have unlawfully been taking my cash and if there is anything I can do to reclaim? Probably not but thought it was worth asking. backpainz lowell detester too
  4. Hi wig and thanks for your input too, much appreciated. I will quote the letter "We refer to your recent request for a copy of your executed agreement under Section 77(1) and/ or 78(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. We have now been advised that due to the nature of our client's archiving process they are unable to provide information relating to this account. The account has today been closed and we can confirm no further action will be taken by us with regards to this letter. We hope that the above course of action meets with your approval and we apologise for any
  5. woohoo! Sent letter to provide statement on 17th. A little anxious I must admit... Received conformation that records are unobtainable and therefore Lowells:p cannot pursue anymore..account closed. Of course I couldn't have done it without the help of these guys and for that I am very greatful. Thankyou Sam Anyone else in a similar situation should probably take the bull by the horns and get this sorted. If you let them kick you they will keep kicking. Take care all. If I can help, drop me a line. Much love backpainz
  6. Cheers Sam, That looks like it will help greatly. If it is the case that they cannot provide the agreement, what happens then? Also re:the letter to Lowells:p Apart from the obvious i.e. name, address etc. do I need to amend other parts of the form. Play it again sam...
  7. thanks guys n gals A link would be great if possible. Lowell is not pushing hard yet, one phonecall and a letter but I wish to be prepared. And no I have not questioned Lowell. I set up a small repayment (£20 month) and stuck my head in the sand . Thanks to this forum I have decided to pull it out!! Kind regard
  8. To be honest i cannot remember the details of the actual loan agreement. I literally walked into the bank and left soon afterwards after accepting the loan. Happy as Larry! It has since been passed to Lowells group, who I have been paying installments but recently stopped the direct debit due to finace issues. I am borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Is there a way out for me? Can I request the agreement from Lowells or something like that? Appreciate the help thx...
  9. Hi guys I took a bank loan from barclys with payment protection 10 + years ago. The amount, I believe, was £2400. I HAVE been paying this back in installments over the years allbeit small. Currently unemployed, currently injured (traffic accident), currently in hardship and most frustratingly currently qualified but unable to work (recession and bad back). Now I am reading posts suggesting that I can get this written off. Can someone, who can help a donk out, please outline the process for me to get the ball rolling? I very much appreciate any help...and thanks for v
  10. Hello all..I really need some advice here... 18 months ago I was rear ended in my car and was appointed a solicitor to deal with the claim. My GP sent me off for xray where minor degeneration has been identified. According to my solicitors and the doctor in charge of my medico-legal report the degeneration is the cause of my ongoing symptoms. I have always questioned this and have made it clear that I am not happy with this report. My concerns are that I had no previous symptoms prior to the accident. Now I have regular flare ups where pain spasms occur in my lower back. I am taking
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