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  1. Hello again I have done as recommended but they phoned me on Monday and are trying to get us to reach a full and final settlement my son in law has said he would settle for us they have said the best they will do is 25% and have sent a letter to that effect. I obviously do not want to have the son in law pay more than necessary but I have read on here lots of people get a lot more discount should we just go for this to get rid of them or if I push them will they just withdraw the offer. I would be grateful for any help. Thank you
  2. Just to add we would like to hang onto the house
  3. Hi I wonder if anyone can give me some advice I have had a debt with Black Horse that set off at £10,000 and now is £12 I have been paying £ 5.00 a month for around 4 years I have never missed payment they have now sold the debt to DLC my circumstances haven't changed and now they have said they want to take a charging order. ' It is our intention to get a County Court Judgement then applying for a charging order...... We feel this is entirely valid and the Charging Order is for security only and there is no intention to make an order for sale or to use it as a leaver to make you make payments you cannot realistically afford.' My wife who suffers with COPD in the form of Bronchiectasis and Alpha 1 was admitting to hospital unable to breath as soon as the shock hit her. The debt is in my name and the mortgage is in my name we owe about what the house is worth on a good day and the DSS pay Interest only on the mortgage.The house is in poor condition as maintenance has been a struggle since on JSA. MY youngest daughter has offered to sell her car to make a payment to try and get them to stop so her Mam isn't made any worse. Could anyone advise the implications of the Charging order and is what they are saying true. Secondly is it worth trying to negotiate with them on the phone as the last time I spoke I got a terrible one who wouldn't listen at all. My daughter thinks she might be able to raise £5000 on her car and credit card. Is there any minimum amount they could go for an order for. I am worried I write something that makes it worse. Any help would be really appreciated.
  4. HI there I have written to Barclays & received a reply today with a blank photocopy of their current terms & conditions. 'The letter says under Section 78 we must supply you with a copy of your executed agreement & a statement of account which is practable to refer.' 'Please find enclosed a copy of your latest executed agreement. This Statment of the terms of your agreement with us and incorporates any variations to the terms made since you entered into this agreement. However, interest rates have been omitted and the fees and charges have been suspended due to the status of your account. As your account is now in the recovery programme, further information relating to the current state of your account can be obtained from the recovery team. This concludes our obligations under Section 78 of the consumer credit act 1974.' I dont know what to do now any help?
  5. Could anyone give me an idea what to offer Mercers (Barclaycard) in settlement of a £1,431 I just don't know what to suggest can anyone advise I know I keep asking questions but I feel I am taking control now and don't feel such a victim.My daughter has just sold a house and has a bit of cash and has offered to help if she can. Thanks in advance
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