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  1. Hmmm. That didn’t go too well. Perhaps I will just type the relevant part. We note from a recent phone conversation that your wife wished to explore a short settlement. As such, we invite you to make your proposals towards the outstanding balance. Alternatively if your wife wishes to explore the possibility of payment via monthly instalments please complete the attached financial statement by 2nd Nov 2017. Failing which you may receive further contact.
  2. SAR sent and wife’s Medical evidence to Rectums. Letter back from them re. my phone discussion about short settlement., inviting proposals on the matter. So I guess I wait to see what the SAR comes up with or I suppose I could make them a 10/20 percent short settlement offer?
  3. No 6 year non payment stretch unfortunately. Will SAR M&S would have done it already but thought it was beyond that point. Also will send rectums non detailed Medical evidence. Great advice as always sir or madam. Thanks again.
  4. Aaaarrgh! M&S state last payment Jan 2012. I then get transferred to the Department that is now handling this account and sit on hold for eternity. Think I might be scuppered.
  5. After digging in Bank Statements I have found token payments to R0ckwell up to Jan 2012, but don’t know if it was M&S. But they dates seem to be right. So have a horrible feeling not S.Barred. I will have another try at M&S though.
  6. No contact from Rest0ns. Hallelujah!!! Managed to get through on the phone to Northants. Asked for a copy of the CCJ and very helpful operative emailed back almost immediately. It quotes THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS PAYMENT OF THE OVERDUE BALANCE DUE FROM THE DEFENDANT(S) UNDER A CONTRACT BETWEEN THE DEFENDANT(S) AND MARKS AND SPENCER FINANCIAL SERVICES PLC DATED ON OR ABOUT MAR 11 1996 AND ASSIGNED TO THE CLAIMANT ON APR 02 2013 PARTICULARS A/C NO - ************** DATE ITEM VALUE12/09/2016 DEFAULT BALANCE ********* POST REFRL CR NIL TOTAL ****** ** Is this any help though? Hope you are still there dx100uk.
  7. Ok I will wait for Northants to respond and let 'em sweat. Thanks again.
  8. I keep trying but seems impossible. I have emailed them so hopefully that might do it. I keep getting the horrors that Bailiffs might turn up. Is that at all likely?
  9. Rest0ns say 23/11/16 If that is true surely I would have had some comms. from the Court?
  10. Ok. I have emailed Northants and they are pretty quick with their responses so far. Do you think I should strictly stick to Rest0ns their deadlines?
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