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  1. Ok sorry to everybody apart from demon_x_slash . don't take kindly to being called a W****R, i just hate it when you get the big men that gob off when on the other end of a wire, bet your a proper Mr muscle aint ya. (Rant over) to others thanks for advice:D
  2. Well what a load [MODERATED DUE TO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE] use you lot are!!!!!!!!
  3. Anybody:confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. I sent my data requests off 43 days ago for two different accounts, One to NatWest , the other to Barclays. Natwest have got back to me and said they can't do the request due to the fact i don't know any of my account details, apart from branch opened in and rough dates so have returned my cheque and said sorry can't do it without the account numbers. :confused: Barclays on the other hand have done nothing . Not a thing nadda zip.. :mad: Have had a look at the templates for non compliance and i am unable to even have a stab in the dark at how much they owe me so can't go down that
  5. Excellent the letters will be in the post in the morning.. I heard about the bank cahrges thing a week or so ago and just shrugged it off. As i walked in from work, tonight with trevor was just starting so sat GLUED to the tv with the wife first thing i did was join this site and get the letter templates...fingers crossed:) :)
  6. As the title realy. have no probs with my current bank have had problems with previous banks can i claim against them even though i no longer have that account with them???
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