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  1. I contacted the bank and asked them and they gave me the info without hesitation. Hope it helps
  2. Hi Dolly I have recieved this message as an email although it is for Bev77. To be honest I have recieved quite a few. I know Bev recieves them as well but how can I stop them from coming to me?
  3. Hi Dolly I have finally sorted out the donation and I'm feeling GREAT:D I noticed someone mention the fact that they had to inform the court that the claim had been 'Settled' is this my next step? I am now off to find Tobes to see whats happening with this account closing charade:rolleyes:
  4. Ahh thanks Dolly, I am really sorry to hear about your son accident, it looks like your new title will be Nurse Dolly for the rest of the summer. Dolly I have spoken to Bankfodder twice and I am embrassed to say that I am still having problems I tried to make a donation but to no avail can you help me out?
  5. Once you have won your claim Nationwide will pay the money into your account and then a few days later you will recieve a letter telling you that they will be closing your account in 30 days time:mad: That is why you must ensure that you open a new account. Good luck
  6. HI GUYS GUESS WHAT? I WON:D :D :D I recieved even more than I had originally claimed for! £2477.39p I have been dying to share my good news but unfortunately I was offline for a couple of weeks. But now I am back online with fantastic news. I recieved the refund letter on the same day that I recieved the Acknowledgement of Service notification from the County Court. I am eager to make a donation to this fantastic site so please can someone let me know how to make my donation. In the mean time I have recieved a letter from Nationwide that the will be closing my Flex
  7. Thats very true:D I have been so flustered haven't had time to sit back and think of the rewards, it's been all Go...Go...Go... Anyway I am now off out to post my N244 and N1 forms then I'll take a walk in the park and think about what I am going to spent all that money on
  8. Thanks Dolly I have contacted Moneyclaim and I am now in the process of completing an N244 and N1 forms requesting my wish to amend particulars of claim, unfortuantely this process cannot be carried out online, hence, I have to complete the form and post it off. As you rightly advised there is a charge of £35 and because of this Boo Boo everything has been set back:oops:
  9. Hi Bev thanks for your kind support I have found that I have omitted to put the following info in my claim, this may result in me paying £35:sad:
  10. Thanks for you kind support I have found that I have missed out the following info in my claim: I now have to contact MCOL to rectify and probably pay £35 to make amendments:oops:
  11. Hi Dolly Thanks for that. just to clarify if my total is £1.759.50, I multiply this by 0.00022 which should total £0.38709 (daily rate) is this correct? When I realised my error I immediately sent an email to MCOL giving them total charges (£1,759.50) and s69 county court 8% interest rate (£371.03) I am becoming a bit confused:???: :???: Dolly have I completely messed up:(
  12. This is what I wrote in the particulars of claim section I hope it is correct I have had a contract with the defendant bank since 1988, which is conducted on their standard terms and conditions. I am claiming the return of money taken by the defendant in the way of charges over the last 4 years plus the interest levied on those charges. The bank's charges are a disproportionate penalty and therefore unenforceable as they are contrary to common law. Further, as a disproportionate penalty they are invalid under the Unfair (Contracts) Terms Act 1977 s.4 and und
  13. Ahh Dolly Thanks for that, I have put the total figures in the boxes, but for some reason I thought that I had to provide calculations i.e. total amount of charges and 8% interest fee in the 'Particulars of Claim' section.
  14. CONGRATUALTIONS Juicy. This news has given me the boost that I needed especially as I have just submitted my online claim
  15. Hi Bev I believe Solo and Electron are accepted in the payment section which is right at the end of the claim, however don't worry if it is not there as you can save you claim at various stages. All the Best and enjoy the cash when you get it.
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