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  1. Hi their, thanks for that, I do not know why they have not proceeded with that offer, that offer was received with another agent, when they repossessed they went to another agent, the agent they went to is not that popular in my area, thus rarely markets in the area. Any further feedback will be appreciated. thanks
  2. Hi everyone, having been repossesed in october I have been trying to get on and restart my life. A good new job, things have been getting better, however I have received a letter from redstone that they are considering a offer of 135k, My mortgage balance was 138k plus 10k arrears and god knows how many charges, and now I am liable to pay for the shortfull on the account, I dont know how they can accept this offer as I had accepted an offer of 150k prior to the property being repossessed. Any advice will be appreciated.
  3. thank you everyone for all your kind words. Having gone through all my options, now I am my house has been repossessed, and redstone mortgages will attempt to sell, I already had a offer for the property, will the property sell for more or less?
  4. Hi, everyone thanks for all your concern, I lost the case, lost the house in the afternoon, just been trying to sort some things, totally gutted, feel this is just the begining.
  5. Thank you everyone for all your support. I am so nervous.
  6. Not sure if that is a good thing as previous duty solictor was hopeless, he even advised that their was no point appealing as you have no grounds to appeal, thank god someone didnt think so and give me another hearing.
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for all your help especially you Ell-enn , got the hearing for 10am tommorrow, know this is my last chance, so very nervous, good to know SS is stilling hanging in their. I am currently doing my 2nd year of cima, I know if I was repossessed, I would have to declare bankruptcy therefore also having to forfeit my career in accountancy, 4 years of my degree, 2 years of AAT, 2 further years in Cima also going down the pan. No future career, everything worked so hard for, no house, all over a 15 minute hearing, just doesnt seem fair, especially now I Know I can pay off arrears
  8. Section 4 - permission to appeal - do I need permission to appeal, Section 5 - other information required for appeal, section 6 - grounds for appeal, section 7 - what are you asking the appeal court to do, section 8 - other applications I know its alot, but I really dont know what to do, please help.
  9. Thank you all so much for the support and help. I am so gratefull. Just attempting to complete the N161 form, dont know how to complete fully, does anyone have any examples, or templates that I can use.
  10. thank you, I have found the form, attempting to complete the form, I think I need some help with this, yes I wrote the the original statement myself which was probably a huge mistake, any help with this would also be also appreaciated. thank you.
  11. Thanks for that, Ell-enn can you please help me with this. Is this leave for appeal the same as the n161 form the courts told me to complete. Any help will be appreaciated, last shot as stated in previous post, wish i had used this forum before my hearing.
  12. Thank you for your kind words. As you can see finding it hard to sleep. What grounds did you appeal to higher judge on. I dont know how to complete this appeal form. Any help will be appreciated.
  13. My eviction date is the 14th of october, so any suggestions on what I can do, will be gratefully accepted. Is their anyway I can stop this.
  14. thanks Desperate Daniella, I could definatley pay £2,000 of the arears and a further £375 plus normal payments, however dont know who to go to suggest it, higher court to appeal the district judges decision, dont know what grounds I have to appeal the decision, interest rate reduces on the 1st of November. Just so gutted the judge didnt even consider the rate change.
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