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  1. Appreciate that Blueda ! Get prepared for some more questions in the future - just havnae got a clue what I'm supposed to do.
  2. Thanks PGH7447, Appreciate your help. I take it that I shouldn't sign the letter.
  3. Requested copy of my CCA with MBNA over four weeks ago. To date, I have had no response. Can someone please advise me as to which letter I should send to them now. Should I send it recorded delivery ? I think it is an uneforceable debt letter - but what exactly does this mean ? I've been making token payments of £5 per month - would you recommend continuing with this payment ? Thanks
  4. bainmarie, Thanks for that, can rest in peace for a while !
  5. Thanks for that. Are they likely to knock on the door then ? Don't want them putting the frighteners on the wife while I'm out. Would they really leave a note with the neighbours ?
  6. I've been advised, today, that Mercer Debt Collection have engaged power2contact Ltd. Anyone had any dealings with them ? They state in their letter that they will instruct one of their Contact Manager to visit me at my address - can they do this ? Do I have to speak to them ?
  7. Received notification from Mercers this morning that they are dealing with my account on behalf of Barclaycard. They are stating that as the account is still overdue they have now no alternative but to pass my account to : A local debt collector who may call at my home to obtain full repayment. Has anyone else had a similar letter ? Has someone turned up at the door ? Have you had to pay there and then ? Help please !
  8. Thanks postggi. So don't have to worry about debt collectors turning up at my door then ?
  9. Hi all , Got a debt with Barclaycard and I'm still making token payments to them. However, I'm now getting 'phone calls from Mercer's. Anyone know who they are ? What powers have they got ? Can I just ignore them & carry on paying Barclaycard ? Any advice will be a big help. Thanks
  10. Thanks blueda, just out of interest - why don't we sign the letter ?
  11. It's a credit card debt. I've had the card several years now and just been paying off debts monthly - can't provide exact date - sorry !
  12. Advice please ! Have received this a.m. in the post a letter from NatWest stating the following : Following a recent review of your account, we are no longer able to accept your current level of monthly repayments - I am currently paying £5 a month. The minimum payment we are prepared to accept is £64.00 per month - I just can't afford this. If you are unable to meet the increased payments, please call this department o 0870 909 3709 to discuss the matter. Please complete the enclosed Financial Statement and retutn it to us. What can be their next step ? Bailiffs? Court action ? Thanks in anticipation.
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