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  1. Hi, I'm a first timer so please excuse if this an obvious question. I parked my car where I shouldn't have - fair cop, completely my fault. I forgot to move it in the morning when residents' parking restrictions kicked in at 8.30am. I got a ticket at 8.58am. At 9.29 (just half an hour later) my car was towed. It is a quiet back street, with lots of empty bays and I wasn't blocking anyone or anything. Is it justifiable to tow and then demand 260 pounds to get the car back? I've attached a copy of their grounds for complaint. I notice its the same pound that has been written about before on this forum (southwark) but they have since updated their objection prodedures. Also, they gave me my car back when I showed them my driving liscence only - despite originally saying that I needed two pieces of id. Is this a contravention of procedure that I could use? Any suggestions how to get the 200 towing fee back would be welcome. Is there anything to say cars should not be towed where there is no pressing reason to do so? A defence of reason... I mean half an hour in a quiet steet seems unreasonable to me! All best, Jules
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