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  1. Hey just to let you all know, I found out that the signs for restrictions need to be placed at regular intervals along the road ...
  2. I need to go check again if there were any time plates at all on the street but there definately wasn't one on the SYL I parked on. If there was one further on down the street on a different SYL, would that still count?
  3. Hi all, Wondered if any of you could help. I received a parking ticket yesterday for parking on a SYL. I was there for 7 mins. It was a one way street with a mixture of double yellow lines, single yellow lines and no lines, there was no visible sign near to where I was parked on time restrictions regarding the SYL. I said this to the warden and they agreed and suggested that I appeal .. , actually while i was with him 3 more people parked there and I had to tell them they'd be fined .. Afterwards, I had a look about and on entry to the street (which is around a bend and a good bit away) there are double yellow lines on both sides with a small yellow sign saying no parking at anytime. BUT ... Am i right in thinking that there needs to be a new sign for each new line? The street isn't in a CPZ ... Thanks in advance
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