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  1. Hello again Caggers.. it's been a while. Recent developments over a NatWest debt, they seem to have employed a French debt collection agency, who have phoned us once, written to us once and now passed it to a Hussier de Justice. I have seen no other evidence that a European Payment order has been applied but I do not know how to proceed because I am ignorant of the law or collection procedures in this country. Are the debt collectors trying this on or do I really need to get worried?
  2. Happy New Year to all caggers... I feel that I should do an SAR on my very old Comet Time Card and Laura Ashley accounts that I knew were charging me PPI even though I was self employed. However, I understand GE might have moved on and sold all it's crap on to others... Does anyone know who might be responsible for this nowadays? R-F
  3. Hi KellyMarie. Don't worry, we're all in the same boat. I'm just north of you in another country, and have gone (and still going) through the hoops with NatWest, AIC, Triton, uncle Tom Cobley and all. It gets to be a bit of a game eventually, once the panic and the cold sweats have passed. I have an issue with NatWest who let me have an overdraft of £100, but bumped up the charges to about £1400. I have told them to get stuffed, sent them payment for the hundred pounds I owed them and have now CCA'd them for what they say they owe me, knowing full well that I don't have a signed valid credit agreement for that amount. I sent them stamps to the value of £1 before Christmas and they returned it saying they don't accept stamps. I have just sent them a PO for a quid. The problem NatWest have is that they cannot take this any further because they cannot take you to County Court , because you live abroad (you have to have a UK address for the Court process. So the game begins by putting the frightners on you (AIC et al). All you need to do is send one "Account in Dispute" letter to each debt collector as they write to you and they go away. Don't speak to them at all - they are ignorant/arrogant gits, and make sure you KEEP EVERYTHING including envelopes. This site has been a life saver to many thousands of desparate people, myself included, so keep calm, keep reading, and keep posting! Cordialement...
  4. I think that this is of great credit to CAG. Without this site and its contributors, the debtors would just roll over and give in to these bullies. The OFT would be none-the-wiser and the whole sordid "industry" would just steam roller over the law without any come back. With CAG, they can't get away with it anymore because we have empowered ourselves with help and assistance to use the law to take the "industry" on. Maybe the OFT could hitch themselves to those they SHOULD be protecting, not to the "industry" it is supposed to be controlling.
  5. Hmmm.. my o/h keeps getting letters from Apex, but they keep failing to put the destination country on the envelope, even though I have written to them! They think the town I live in is in the UK and even frank it 25p! Idiots. They also keep threatening us with international lawyers etc. etc. I feel sorry for the postal service having to keep finding my address abroad and not getting paid for the service.
  6. I know this has been covered somewhere, but I have a debt to a bank with whom I had a £100 overdraft limit. They have now stuffed that full of charges totalling £1600 (even though I have paid the original £100 for the "legal" overdraft. Crapquest have now picked it up. Which letter do I send to these parasites? I know it's not CCA-able as it's an overdraft (well - it's their charges). I have SAR'd them and had the usual 6 year pile of poo. Any ideas?
  7. I read with great sadness this morning, that the tragic deaths of the family in Hampshire, could have been as the result of pressure from the debts the family had incurred in the past. There for the grace of God go I. If it turns out that pressure from Credit Card companies, Banks, DCA's et al was the root of this tragedy, I hope they all hang their heads in shame. I also hope that the regulatory authorities take note and do something. It will not be the first family that have died because of this, and I'm sure they will not be the last. My thoughts are with the family at this time.
  8. It's also interseting to look at the join date of the contributors. Bardsley 20/7/07 (7 posts) - not exactly regular - more like a convenient name change!
  9. Good morning.. I and my wife have identical Toshiba laptops running Vista. We have been having numerous issues with the machines, all different, in the last 6 months. My system had been seriously crashing randomly (fixed with a driver update from the Toshiba site), my wifes system slows down dramatically, and when you do a clean boot, it runs like new, but as other apps come on, it slows again. If you have cleaned your keyboard, AV checked (try using MSE by the way from Microsoft), try doing a clean boot (if Vista), and see how it goes from there (instructions found at Perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program). Stay happy
  10. Ref - reconstituting/reconstructing agreements I'm sorry, but if the debtor did this we would be accused of fraud and the consequences are long jail sentences. The Banks doing it is now justified. I think the law here is riding roughshod over peoples rights. We could do of a summary on this thread now....
  11. Thanks Conniff, I think that's what I meant to say....RF
  12. Just means that I wish to read what people are discussing without actually contributing.
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