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  1. @tomtubby: Thank you for your reply. Yes. The PCN was issued on 15 July 2011 and I have since moved house - in March 2012. I spoke to the TEC who informed me that the first warrant was issued on 27/01/2012 at my old address. They stated that the second (current) warrent was issued on 03/09/2012 at my current address. The letter from the council to the TEC (of which I have been copied in), is 2 pages long and includes 3 further pages each with a photograph on. I am happy to provide a copy via email should there be somewhere I can send it? It seems wholly unfair that the
  2. @wonkeydonkey: Thank you for your swift reply. I shall make sure I send it using a signed for service. Any ideas on how I should appeal or what line I should take? i.e. what wording I should include when I fill in the form? Thanks
  3. Hi all, After sending off a further 4 letters to Black Horse, they have finally removed the Default from my friends' Credit File. As a further note, the information actually had to be removed on 4 separate occasions from Equifax because each month, the file updated and it kept adding it back on. For the first 3 times, Equifax were useless and didn't really help. But in the end, the last person that we spoke to was really good and has removed it (hopefully) once and for all. Thank you to everybody who has helped and advised on this matter. Definately another win for the co
  4. Hi everyone. Thank you for all of your comments and advice. I would like to update you with where I am with this now. Using the advice given, as stated above, I filed an Out of Time declaration on 19th March via email to the TEC. I then heard nothing more until on the afternoon of 6th December, when I received a visit from the Bailiff trying to collect for the PCN. I politely informed him that an Our of Time Declaration had been filed back in March and he suggested that I contact the TEC directly and let him know the outcome. When I contacted the TEC, I was informed that the
  5. Hi Brigadier, My friend has now received a pack from Black Horse in response to the SAR and it has information on both accounts held with them. To be honest, all the parperwork is a little overwhelming. What should we do now? Is there anything in particular that we should be looking for within the pack to assist with the next step(s)? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Will get on and have him do that today. Can he do one for the both as they are with the same lender (and thus only one fee) or will they need to be done individually? The latest Credit Reports (Equifax and Experian) are dated 30/03/2012 and 31/03.2012 respectively. The earlier Credit Report (Equifax) is dated 09/01/2010
  7. Hi everyone. This is a little complicated, so please bear with me. I have a friend who I am currently helping sort out his credit file (using alot of information learnt on here). However we have come across some items onwhich I am unsure which is the best way to tackle them. That's where I'm hopingyou can help us out! 1. Black Horse are showing (in the Court Information section) as havingissued a CCJ against him at his previous address for the sum of £1,660 on21/12/2006. He had no knowledge of thiscredit agreement until a debt collector (DLC/Hillesden Securities) startedchasing
  8. Hi. I emailed the TE7 & TE9 across to the TEC at lunchtime and have received confirmation that they have received it. So I presume it is just a waiting game now to see if they accept it. No. I have not moved house since the PCN was issued. I have had problems with a redirection still in place from my previous address where some has not been getting through to me. However I am not aware of any post not getting to me directly at this address - until now. This is why I cannot understand why this is the first I have heard that the warrant has been issued?!?
  9. Thank you for your swift replies (and for moving the thread). I really appreciate it as this is a rather stressful situation - further adding to the joys of moving house! I have just spoken to the TEC and they are sending out the TE7 & TE9 forms for me to complete. I will do this (using the above wording) and return it to them today.
  10. Further to my last post. I have been doing some more reading through the plethora of posts on this subject. Admittedly, I am now somewhat confused as to whether I should be filing a TE7/TE9 instead. I cannot find the original ticket and as such, do not know which leglislation the PCN was issued using. Thanks again for any help. -Martin
  11. Hi, I have received a hand delivered letter (dated 16/03/12) from a "Jacobs Certified Bailiffs" stating the following: REMOVAL 24 HOURS BALANCE DUE £263.44 We have not received a satisfactory response to our previous correspondence. As Bailiff in Charge, I am now instructed to proceed with the removal and sale of your goods. REMOVAL may take place even in your absence. To stop remove action you must contact me MR T. ELLIS IMMEDIATELY on [#Tel No] to arrange PAYMENT IN FULL within 24 hours. PAYMENT IN FULL WITHIN 24 HOURS [signed] The l
  12. A further update. We have been given an eviction date of 12noon on 3rd March. We have only received word of this through our own solicitor though and are still to receive notification from the court or the builder's solicitor. That said, we have managed to secure a new property which suits both our needs and most importnatly our budget. We are due to move in by the end of this month which is before the said evection date. So thank you to those who offered to help with the N244, however I do not think this will be required anymore. No luck so far removing the Default, but I wi
  13. I am trying to obtain a mortgage after the house I am currently renting is being forced to be sold (For the background, please see my other thread: Order for Possession Given 14 days to leave). When checking my credit file with Equifax, there is a Default Notice showing which is the only blemish on an otherwise clear file and the thing standing in the way of us being able to get a mortgage. This seems to have been added in February 2010. I am looking for the best and most importantly quickest way to get this removed from my file. The alleged debt is still in dispute as it was e
  14. Hi guys...thanks for your input. Surfer01: We are the first people to rent the property from the landlord. There was no deposit required (so as tawnyowl says, there will be no problem there) as we are known to them by association...which tbh compunds the whole situation. I don't believe that they are in cahoots with the builder (although that may just be because of my optomistic outlook on life, the Universe and everything!) Still nothing in the post from anyone regarding eviction so we await the next royal mail post with baited breath. We have also visited an Independant Fin
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