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  1. Wow ... Only came on to check the M'cr thread and made the mistake of reading this one. I stopped posting a month or so ago because the bullying on another thread put me right off CAG. And after reading the above posts realise I did the right thing. What happened to mutual respect and helping each other? It seems that if you disagree with site team/ex site team members, then you are automatically accused of being MTM or speaking for him? Why the obsession with him? He hasn't even been on since last year. I hope whoever is in charge of site team reads the above and considers whether they really want site team members making those type of comments. Surely they should be leading by example? Just my opinion .... it will no doubt give the bullies someone new to have a go at! Feel free, I won't be reading it again. Jan
  2. Hi all Thread has moved on! Great that so many are coming and look forward to meeting everyone. Can't wear my red hat so people will recognise us as I think I lost it .. got a dark blue one though. So just watch out for that - it may be on the table rather than my head..
  3. 'course boys are allowed ..... we promise to be gentle with you
  4. Great to hear from you and hope you can make it Good luck on the 10th Jan
  5. But has anyone any idea how much it's gonna cost me on the train from Leeds to Manchester pleeeeese........:confuse d: About £17ish return I think. Go to Piccadilly - takes about an hour. Victoria trains take twice as long. Do you know Manchester? Or do you need meeting at train station? Jan
  6. lots to celebrate already! I will be there - paaaaaaaarty time
  7. Well Done Spammie and everyone who helped you. Really pleased for you. Great that MilkTrayMan came with you, nice to hear he's still fighting the fight .... and winning
  8. Paaaaaaaaaaaaarty time ... lots vodka. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jan x
  9. I do not need anyone to break confidentiality as I am aware of exactly what happened. As the moderator involved apologised to me around 2 months ago I fail to see why MTM is still being moderated. After all, don't CAG encourage us to look out for the underdog which is all MTM was doing? Maybe in his own distinctive manner (hence the moderation!) but for this long??? It is beginning to look like a vendetta to me. It has gone on way too long to look like anything else.
  10. I'm really pleased she has improved Mazbck
  11. That always cheers me up. Mine not showing yet though...
  12. I am confused .......... threads have majicked together
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