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  1. Ahh right, many thanks. I think I may just accept the 3 months - however, I am increddibly frustrated due to the amount of time I have spent on the phone and spent emailing them!!! Therefore, feel like I should get a full refund.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply! How is there technology similar to that of a broadband dongle?? They have a hard cable coming into the camp (just like BTbroadband) and I then pick up the internet through their wireless router which is located in my room. Many thanks. MrA
  3. I have been using an internet service provider called Wifinity since May. Despite many calls and emails the service has been appalling. At the best it is sporadic, however most of the time it is not wokring at all - i.e. I cannot open simple web pages like google, nor can i watch bbc iplayer or even carry out research on the internet for projects. Today, I contacted them asking for a refund for the lack of service and for my subscription to be cancelled. Despite the lack of service since May (which they acknowledge) I am told that I am only entitled to a refund of 3 months worth (£
  4. No - I would agree with that completely. He just wasn't in the mood for it at all!, even said that I "carp[ed]" on about the charges!! How can applying a total of 24 charges, plus additional late payment charges be "fair and reasonable". What was also frustrating was the fact that one of my comments was that I hadnt received all of the terms and conditions until I performed an S.A.R - he said that this wasn't the truth and that I had obviously had them!!!! Despite the fact that you could blatently see that the front two pages of the agreement (all I saw and received) were faxed and the a
  5. So now - after all this I've got to return the car and now cough up legal fee's etc.
  6. Lot of things - basically I didnt have a leg to stand on apparently. He wasn't interested in the 1500 quids worth of charges and the rate in which the charges were applied. He wasn't interested in the pressure for larger payments, or the fact that there could be an underwriting agreement that wasn't provided.
  7. Just to let everyone know that I lost this today - dramatically!!!
  8. Just to let everyone know that I lost this today - dramatically!!!
  9. Quick update everyone - the trial didn't go ahead and has been put back to the 3rd Nov. Not sure why tbh. So if anyone who is savvy with regards HP agreement etc wouldn't mind commenting on my thread below with reagrds to the agreement itself - I would be very grateful. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?238713-mranother-v-BCT-HP-Agreement-Court-filed.&p=3151987&highlight=#post3151987 Cheers, Mr A
  10. QUick updated everyone - the case/hearing didnt even go ahead and has been put back to the 3rd November. Not 100% sure why, but there we go. Will hopefully give me more time to be even more prepared. Can anyone who is HP agreement savvy have a look at the agreements I have posted on here and pass their comments?? Many thanks all, MrA
  11. I have had a look at my default notices - and actually think that they are prob ok (with regards to the web site link posted). However, could someone who knows what they are looking for have a look at let me know what they think. Many thanks - have posted the DN above. MrA
  12. Usiing the link, the D.N looks ok to me tbh -thanks for the help so far and the post of the link.
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