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  1. Hi, Peeps Quick question, My wife got a penalty fare at liverpool street station. Her trains to stratford were cancelled for around 2 hrs that morning so staff at her station told her to get a train to liverpool street and change for a train back out to stratford and to speck to staff at that station about the problem. She got a pf for £20 and paid the inspector, ive notice the inspector made a few mistake on the pf i.e ticking No ticket (when she had a ticket to stratford) writing the date as (FBY) instead of February same with March (MAR) also spelling liverpool street as liverpool st
  2. Court outcome S9PROOF from £175.00 to £350.00 Fine. from £75.00 to £105.00 Costs and the Compensation
  3. I think it cost the railway company for every appeal made around £4.50 so make an appeal its a 50:50 of winning. inspectors can make mistakes...
  4. Was you cautioned at any point? I just want to clear up if you was given a penalty notice or reported. Cheers
  5. Hi, First do a little check on the internet about witness statements. You was cautioned and interviewed, the interview was showed or read back to you and you agreed and signed? At court the witness (R.C.I) will be called in and the statement would be use in court. No CCTV will not be needed, just evidence the R.C.I would of withdrawn i.e the freedom pass and a oyster print-out of your oyster card from the ticket office to show that it was not used at the time. You will most likely be found guilty as the courts will see it you had time to check if you was using the right oyster card befor
  6. Toc is FCC. You say that you have not travel yet, did you insert the ticket into the barriers & proceed to travel on a train then get stopped by the inspector? More likely the barriers were program to monitor such type of ticket and that's why you were stopped. FCC will likely push for prosecution because of the intent and the withdraw of tickets etc. You would be very lucky if the inspector made a mistake, FCC inspectors mainly use a pro-forma pad for reporting fare evasion. If the job was done in the notebook they may be mistakes but this is very unlucky as most of the question
  7. Hi was you cautioned? was you re-cautioned and questioned about past journeys?
  8. Ftcst = Fail to carry season ticket Right it looks like at the time you fail to show a valid ticket ( receipt credit card receipt not vaild) Did you file a writen appleal within 21 days? Best action is to write a strong letter to the revenue department with a cheque to cover the costs.
  9. A lady bought a travelcard from reading in the morning and travels to London. In the evening she travels to stevenage station from Kings Cross station, her travelcard works the kings cross barriers. She arrives at Stevenage and her travelcard gets rejected at the barriers, she is approached by revenue. This is were i would like your help. 1. Should she be sold a excess 2. Should she be penalty fared She was traveling on a fcc service which has a penalty fare scheme in progress. She was sold an excess ticket after a very long argument from the two revenue inspectors.
  10. Hi guys very sorry about this been taken down, as I was saying I was just serching the web and came across this content and o found very intresting and usefull. But I didn't check if the content was copyright
  11. I was just browsing the web about revenue protection and i came across this: [EDIT: copyright material removed]
  12. So you had your normal oyster card on you which had a pre-pay balance on it, but was not used. You also had a freedom pass which was used. Please remember it is your responsibility to make sure your using the correct ticket for travel. CCTV is mainly used for security purposes, the inspector's MG11 statement and evidence (the freedom pass + oyster print out) is good enough to convince the courts. You admitted that you used the freedom pass for two weeks? did the inspector question you about which dates you traveled for the past two weeks? You also admitted that you have no income,
  13. So how did the inspector verify your details?
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