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  1. I am acting on behalf of someone else. Aug 2010 unsigned CCA Request sent to Nationwide Credit Card Services. They refused due to request being unsigned. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits followed. Request sent again requesting that harrasment stops and note that account is in dispute. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits continued. Copy of passport with signature removed and verified by Nationwide branch. Signed and Stamped sent. While account in dispute, account in reciept of benefits was frozen. Funds are still in this account. Letters of complaint sent to Nationwide, OFT, TS, FSA, FOS and HM Treasury. Unsatisfactory response recieved. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits still continued. More letters of complaint sent to Nationwide, OFT, TS, FSA, FOS and HM Treasury. Unsatisfactory response recieved. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits still continued. Office complaint filed with FOS. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits still continued. FOS ruled in favour of Nationwide, stating that CCA Request was unsigned. Non-compliance with Nationwide's request to provide signed authority. They have a copy of the CCA. They are have that it is valid. They are happy that funds were legally transfered as per the terms and conditions. FOS also state many inaccurate statements. Is it worth appealling against this (by 15th June 2011)? Or should I take this straight to parliment, as OFT, TS and FOS all seem to be in bed with Nationwide. Or are the Government in bed with them too? Or is it time to go for an IVA or Bankrupcy???
  2. I am dealing with the legal letters on behalf of a friend. Bank Accounts - Nationwide FlexAccount, Nationwide Cashbuilder. August - CCA Request sent to Nationwide Credit Card Services (Response was no signature, no agreement) October - Notice of Litigation and SAR sent to Nationwide Credit Card Services (Response was to state that requested information was available at local branch - Followed by three doorstep visits) 18 Nov 2010 - Signed for letter of complaint - cc to OFT and Trading Standards (Response on 19 Nov 2010 was to freeze Flexaccount and Cashbuilder accounts with balances of around £400) Telephoned OFT - Advised to call Financial Ombudsman. Advised me that they do not have this power. My friend called to give her account details and was advised by the same person that Nationwide can do this. Just sent a lovely email to Dominic Littlewood to see what he can do. Any other ideas? Copies of letters attached. My friend has her son and daughter living with her and her 1 year old grandson. She has Working Tax Credits paid into these accounts. She has no funds to top up her Electric and Gas cards. She has now recieved a letter to state that should the balance of the credit card (£7931) is paid within 14 days that the £400 in the Cashbuilder account will be transfered to the credit card balance. This letter was delivered by the same Account manager that carried out the uninvited door step visits. Nationwide.pdf
  3. Just recieved this letter from Salans. Bear in mind no judgement has ever been recieved. The first contact from Salans was in Sept 2006 stating that money was owed and the a statement of earings from court was attached. No explaination of the debt was given. Nor who the original creditior was. Can this still be Statue Barred? 100820 - Statue Barred Response Ammended - Salans.pdf
  4. The CCJ (N30) states: You have not replied to th claim form. It is therefore ordered that you must pay the claimant £499.91 for the debt (and interest to date of judgement) and £122.00 for costs. You must pay the claimant a total of £621.91 by instalments of £50.00 per month the first payment to reach the claimant by 28 July 2005. This is the first time I have seen the CCJ. It was sent to an address 2 years after I left it. According to the claimant, there have been various payments of £5 and £1 over the period to date, but are unable to provide proof.
  5. So just to confirm. Debt incurred - Mar 2001 Debt inforced by court - June 2005 Some Alledged payments made in interim. Documents requested - Jan 2010 Unable to provide orignal docs - May 2010 Court Order dated - June 2005 Plan of Action ?
  6. Between 1st - 14th Mar 2001, I was employed by a local authority. I have recieved correspondence over the last few years regarding this. On 23rd Jan 10, I requested the following: A signed copy of the employment contract A copy of agreed pay rates, working hours and payment methods A signed copy of agreement of your company handbook A copy of your company handbook showing pay recover procedures A copy of any payslips, confirming payment dates A copy of confirmation of termination of employment A copy of correspondence since that period A copy the invoice A copy of the letter explaining the reason for a recovery to become an invoice A copy of the claim filed with the courts A copy of the court order A breakdown of the court costs A copy of your entitlement to interest costs A copy of confirmation of delivery of all correspondence to date I recieved a letter to state that they would look into the matter. On 3rd May 10, I sent a letter requesting written confirmation that this matter was now closed. I recieved a response dated 11th May 10. They stated that they do not hold most of the documents requested due to the age of the debt. What the have sent is a statement to the courts from the payroll manager stating that the Personnel department did not inform the Payroll department until 3 weeks after I resigned. A net debt of £396.14. In addition to this A court Judgement for Claimant (in default) dated June 2005. For £621.91 at rate of £50 per month. Neither, of which I recieved. They have not provided proof of delivery. I moved countries on 7th Mar 01, due to my daughter's terminal illness. They state that I have been making payments, which could be seen as admission to the debt, but have not given proof of this. They have now requested monthly payments. If they are not made, then they will continue legal enforcement. Any Advice?
  7. CCA requested recently and recieved signed copy within correct period. No PPI. Original agreement Feb 99. Paid Nissan up until Nov 99. Then paid Salans after Attachment of Earnings order. First payment to them Oct 06. This was £30 per month until Apr 09. Then unemployed. Paid £1 per month until Feb 10. No payments from Mar - May 10. Requested CCA. Even though I paid from Oct 06 due to enforcement of the Attachment of Earings Order via the local court, there were no payments for almost 7 years. I was then ordered to make payments by the court. Can this still be statue barred?
  8. Thanks Jon, for the address update. Thanks Molly, I did a webcheck at companies house before sending the letter. Also Martin Dunphy is listed on LinkedIn. The recorded delivery was returned as addressee gone away.
  9. Having a good sort out of my finances I have sent out 7 Statue Barred letters, and 6 CCA requests all by Recorded Delivery. All CCA's were sent with the Statutory Payment. Checking off the delivery of each letter, I noted that the lovely Marlin, has instructed the Royal Mail to return to sender. Within the letter sent to them was a CCA. It was addressed to: Martin A. Dunphy President & Executive Chairman Marlin Financial Services Limited The Courtyard Shoreham Road Upper Beeding Steyning BN44 3TN How can I ensure that they receive the CCA request? If this is not possible, what are my options? Any advice is greatly appreciated.:?
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