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  1. Hi im Mark from devon and i am going to start a action against car craft by going to thee sales centres and keep wrting letters to them and have solicitos write letters to them to and i have also got trading standards on there case now to
  2. Purchsed on The 21st December 2007   I Purchesed from you a Vauxhal Zafira.   When Arriving at your Plymounth Centre which is no longer there i was met by a salmes man called Simon and Office manager Martin, the took me and my daughter in to a small room and offered me a coffee and to start looking at my paperwork, which took about an hour then Simon disappered for a while and came back a hour and a half later saying trying to find a finance company for me. Afte about another hour i was shown all the cars that they had which was only three A Vauxhal Zafira a Renult and a Citron to which i went straight to the Zafira cause that was the only car with Seven Seats.Simon lt me in the car and could not move it very far cause the windows were misted up and could not see. After about two mins said lets go in and do the paper work, which we did. So from about three tiull half seven i was stuck in a small room with my dughter not having nothing to eat or drink from this point. I kept saying during the afternoon and eveing i want to tae myself and my daughter for some lunch but Simon kept saying we will only be aother half hour which sent on for about five house to which i was getting annoyed. At about six Simon came back to me to so the transferal of my car the the new car i was taking with me. I filled in my V5 log book I wanted to take the log book for my old car but Simon said he had to deal with it as its company policy. Finaly at half seven he gave me the keys. I went out to the car got in and went to drive away but the car would not start so i tryed to get back in to the office which took five mins or so cause they were rushing to go home. Simonm came out and got the car startedt then i said there is no fuel in the car whre is the garage from here and i will follow you there to sort it. So we went to the garage sorted the fuel and then i went home. Next morning i had a phone call from Simon saying you can not tax the car cause it is still under a Disabled Tax licence and also telling me we would have to fill in the document again because he written the wrong address down on some of the dovuments which i thought was a very silly and poor thing to do as it is a contract agreement and an inportant document. When he got back with the Tax disk i let my Partner drive the car, a bad smell of animals cause she suffers with asthma and she also niticed a blue sponge stuck down to the dash board which i pealed off to reval a very large L shape crack in the dash board, so in the new year i cantacted you about this to which i was told to take to a garage and get a quote to dot the work which i did and sent back to you via post. After not hearing from you for a bout two weeks i contacted you again asking about the qoute and when i can get the work done. I was told that the quote was to expensive and to got to a diffrent garage which you recomaended which apperently you use for you customer repairs. I took the car to the garage and they sait they will not do the job cause it is a big job to do and also telling me that someone has tryed to repait it but very badly and shold not of sold the vehical in this condition. So i contacted you back again to whicj you said you will try and sort it and you will ring me back. After not hearing from you i contacted you again and i got the same asnswer again we will contact you and sort the matter out for me. Again i heard nothing from you so i then contacted welcome finance which are my finace company and spook to Dave Porter rang me a couple days later say ing i have spoke to thee head office and have said go to a vauxhall dealer get a quote and we will get the work done. I took the car to vauxhall in Paignton and they sent you a quotye by fax. Again i hard nothing from you. I contacted you again saying about the quote and spoke to Peter Lomas saying we have no quote which he ment we have lost it. So iwent back to Vauxhall and said i need you to send another quote as they are saying they have not recived your first quote. So sent it again while i was on hold on the phone. Again i hear nothing from you again. So i rang you again and spoke to peter again and he said we still have no quote To which now i am getting very annoyed about the whole thing. So i said ok how about returning the car to you anf forgetting the whole thing he said we cant do that cause its against company police supprise supprise. So i hear nothing again so i phone you one again and spoke to Tracy Cocking which said send me a quote and i will deal with it for you she gave me the fax numbers for her so i went back to vauxhall in Paignton and said i need another ouote to which the say the company is just messing us about we dont what to know cause thay have had the same problems with your company in the past. So i went to Vauxhall in Newton Abbot and telling them i need a quote for the dash board for my car. I Had the qoute in my hand with in five mins. So i came home and sent the email to tracy.cocking@carcraft.co.uk to which the first person ever to ring me back said yes i have your qoute here and said i will contact you to arrang getting the work done. To which i waited amonth heard nothing phoned back and spoke to Peter Lomas Again No we havent recived any quotes and no we are not going to do the work so i said i want to speek to someone in management. A day later Tracy Cocking phones me back and says we now need the letter saying who said the work coule be done. So i spoke to Dave Porter A Welcome finance and he sent me the letter whice he had and i sent to you. A Week latte hearing nothing from you saying no we have not recived it so i get the letter again and send it to whivch you still not respond. And now Tracy Cockong is saying the work will never be done and there is nothing i can do about it so this letter is being sent as advise from Trading Standards And a copy of this letter is being sent to Welcome Finance And a Copy For my solicitor And Watch dog and Unstatified customers that i am contacting thant have made complaints about you through Email. I Would like to heat back from you by the 10 July 2009 i would also like to start a action against this company if anyone is interested in doing this please email me on markyg30@hotmail.com
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