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  1. If anyone had had experience of this would you please let me know what the opening move of a DCA is likely to be? Is there something I should be writing to them following their production of the CCA? How many days are there before we can expect their preliminary moves . I guess their efforts will be to get me into a position favourable to themselves. Should I keep paying them the amount suggested by the CCCS? How long is it before they can bring court action? Would anyone here be able to look over the CCA and see if it is likely to be enforceable? Can they repossess
  2. Hi, thanks for the CCA request advice. I CCA'd them and they have sent a copy of the original agreement. So I guess this means the debt has been passed on to them. The agreement was written after 2007 , so I should assume this means it is enforcable? What can I expect the DDCA's next move to be? I had tried to set up a DMP with the original creditors based on a budget plan worked through with CCCS . All my letters , sent registered, were ignored, or responded to in a round-about way, and I got a flurry of default notices, and a non-stop telephone. In a way I would be happy to
  3. I sent off my CSSS letters to my creditors by registered mail. I had loads of telephone calls from them but no recognition of the letter beyond asking who my other creditors were. I Just kept getting defualt notices from one company, but I thought they had accepted my DMP when I began sending token payments. Work looked like was picking up , so to be scrupiouly fair ,I recalculated the amount I could afford to pay back , sent them more registered letters because I took and average of what I had been earning and offered to increase the monthly payment from £1.00 each to nearer £25.00.
  4. Finally a fully broken-down BT arrived today. I am learning to go through all bills with a fine comb. Turns out there are a number of calls I have not made but, of course have been charged for. I know I haven't made them because I looked the number up on the internet. It belongs to a buisness about two hundred miles away , and , there is no way I would ever had reason to contact this business. BT accepted this, and knocked the cost of these calls off the bill. So, first point : eveyone get out and check itemised bills. Second point :If they accept this liability, how vali
  5. Cheers: I knew I'd seen something like this . I didn't know what is was called. Trespass Letter- Got that. Many thanks again! That bottom bit is a bit harsh. Must toughen up, eh.
  6. A representative of a finance company ( not a DCA) wants to visit my home to discuss my arrears/ DMP. I have written to the company clearly requesting they only communicate in writing with me. I can see no point to the visit . What can I legally do to prevent this.
  7. I'm not sure if this is any help.(I'm a newbie). I telphoned GE Money to request back statements, and within a week they had sent all my statements free of charge,( three copies arrived for some reason) clearly showing PPI element of loan. PPI was all rolled into the loan over five years, but the breakdown clearly showed the loan and PPI element seperately. Might be worth a try.
  8. Do we have any piece of legislation to back this up with? It might be worth being able to quote this in the letter.
  9. That was my gut feeling too. "Trust a creditor" , now that is asking an awful lot. I wonder if anyone has a standard letter that clearly states they have no right to ask for this information?
  10. I have sent off my CSSS letter with token £1.00 payments to my creditors. Creditors have responded. They are asking for a finacial summary of my personal budget and a list of my creditors names and amounts owed. Can they request this? Starting from the premise that creditors will use any information you offer them in their favour, are they: 1. Legally allowed to request this information to this extent? 1a. How much detail and breakdown of finacial summary are they allowed to request? 2. If and how can they use it against me?
  11. Stay with me on this it's not too complictated. 1. They get you to sign up for dual fuel. 2. They set tarrifs ( 2007) tier 1 elect 125 kWh / tier 1 gas 670kWh per quarter. ( these are the higer priced ones.) 3. They they mess around with tarrifs during each quarter and bill you for tier 1 electric 250 kWh / Tier 1 gas 1200 Kwh . 3a. This doubles price of tier 1 gas elec. 3.b. Also something very inconsitant about conversion from metre cube gas= kwh. Minimal discrepencies and not quite accurate. 4. After a year they send you a bill you can not pay. You cancel
  12. Thanks Landy. This is so good when you start reclaimimg. Have just won first PPI claim ( straightforward: no date issues, clear case) and it is worth the hassle.
  13. I have recently had a converstion with the Council Tax people to see if I was eligable for a reduction on Council tax. They told me I wasn't , because my Working Tax Credits made my income up to the level at which you have to pay the full rate. WTC are regarded as income. This got me thinking . If you ask why are banks taking your kids food and shoes money ,in exhange for a piece of paper telling you they have done this,( This is a Bank Charge) they reply it is impossible for their highly complex financial operation to dinstinguish between your benefits and other income. If
  14. I'm in the same situation- I have a PPI on a loan that has been paid off. I would also like to know if anyone has been able to claim PPI from a date before the regulations were tightened up.
  15. There seem to be a number of template letters relating to bank charges and hardship. Is there one specifically aimed at hardship. Also The bank is definitely appropriating my working tax credit. Is there a template letter for this as well which would give me a means of isolating my WTC from the rest of the account. What other actions should I take?
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