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  1. Nope, after 4 years it never got that far, as I said, Long story. If you interested I will post the time line, I am going to work soon so will do it later.
  2. no, they cancelled it after 4 years, never got to PATAS, thats why I want to use Small claims
  3. Ok, i should have put a bit more flesh on the bone here, but its a long story, CoL dragged it out for nearly 4 years then dropped it, and as they put me to an awful lot of work, i thought I would have a go at reclaiming some of the costs they put me to, court fees, numerous letters and time spent researching ect. I am lead to believe that there are amounts set out by the courts that they will find exeptable, costs for letters and hourly rates. but I cant find it and hoped you good people could point me in the right direction.
  4. thanks for moving it, but i dont need help with the PCN, I need advice about going to small claims court
  5. I am looking to start proceedings against City of London to reclaim costs for successfuly defending a parking ticket. can some one please point me in the right direction as to the amounts I can claim for, cost of a letter or hourly rate for my time ect.. Thanks in advance BB
  6. Why is it unlawful ? because of the amount ? Thanks for your replies
  7. My son recently changed jobs, and his salery went into his account on a different date, and one of his Direct debits did not go through, he realised that it was going to happen and called the company to explain and make the payment by debit card. They refused, saying that they could only recieve payments by direct debit. The payment did not go though and they have charged him £30.00 returned payment fee. Is this payment excessive and can anything be done about it ?
  8. what a crap format this new layout is
  9. a good approach for you to take is ignore them completly and do not contact them and wait for them to go away,
  10. JimmySpangle, google als bar and resrurant-v-wandsworth and have a read through,it will explain the point better than i can ever do
  11. As far as i am aware, "within" has been held (in Al's Bar and Restaurant v Wandsworth) excludes the first day mentioned. As such, it gives a time period of 29 days beginning with the date of service of the notice, not 28. This is non-compliant and prejudicial. good point Real Name, but i believe the adjudicators have already interpreted on this one
  12. By using the word "within" they are effectivly prolonging the time to pay or appeal to 29 days and as the Local authority have no right to do this, it renders the original PCN prejudical and unenforcable. As in the ruling of "Al,s bar and resturant-v-wandsworth" It really is suprising that some LA,s have not changed the wording by now
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