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  1. Hi Guys Could someone quickly look at this 'CCA' from Providian, it doesn't look enforceable to me, no terms but there is mention of enclosed terms and conditions. Any advice? Tonster Providian.pdf
  2. Funnily enough they have just rang my home phone and mobile in the last 10 mins, must be costing them a fortune in calls.....I think its obvious they have no agreement as I sent the request in May and they sent this nonsense in August, I am just going to see what they do next, pass it on I guess?
  3. Hi Keefyboy Lloyds have just sent me the exact same letter word for word and T&C's and also in the letter explaining that they are still looking for the actual copy of the agreement and they will send it some time but that they have complied under the act blah blah and I should rest assured that they wouldn't have opened the account without a signed copy it's just that they can't quite find it (shame!) 3 months and counting looking for it......and they will continue collection activity blah blah.....i know their number now and just don't answer or reply to their texts!! I will just wait to see if they ever turn an agreement up (let's hope not)
  4. I can see I am not alone! So is the bemused letter the next step then? Is there a template for this letter? Cheers
  5. Hi I sent a CCA request to MBNA in May and a follow up 'in default' letter in June. Nothing at all sent in reply. Today I received a letter from Hillesden Securities saying the debt has been assigned to them and that MBNA no longer own the account, they do. Is the bemused letter the next step? Is there a link to this etc? Thanks guys
  6. Hi The copy I have is legible. I can see their signature and date and my own and it mentions on the app form the sentence 'I have read the credit agreement overleaf......' so I guess they could be front and back of the same document? It looked enforceable to me but wanted to check. Win some, lose some, it is the first out of 4 received back that looks ok so I can live with that percentage!! I guess the only way of knowing is to ask for the original using the pre-court request i.e. not s77/8?
  7. Hi I have received a reply from Smile with an application form signed by me and the bank and a 'credit agreement'. Is this enforceable? Thanks Tonster.pdf
  8. Thanks, have got the letter ready to go. Sainsburys have also replied and they sent their current terms and conditions and the 'card request form' signed by me and the bank where it says 'credit agreement regulated blah blah only sign if etc but obviously there are no terms on there, APR, credit limit etc, I guess they get the same reply?
  9. Hi Nat West have just sent me their 'response'. It is a letter 'enclosing my credit card' and attached are the terms and conditions separate from when I opened the account (8/9 years ago) and the current terms as well headed 'Credit Card Agreement' (they say £12 for defaults etc). There isn't a signature box of any description anywhere. What letter do I use in reponse as it clearly isn't a CCA at all? Cheers
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