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  1. I have attached the documents and the extract from the MCOL defence, also the correspondence I sent to PRA yesterday evening below(not sure if this will do anything). PRA Group (UK) Limited 2, The Cross Kilmarnock KA1 1LR 12th November 2019 Dear Sirs, Claim No: XXXXXX3CM Account No. XXXXXX64 I acknowledge your correspondence dated 11th November 2019, in which you: A) Confirm receipt of my defence. B) Advise that you intend to proceed with the claim. 1. You will recall that on 11.08.2019 I formally requested all informa
  2. Hi Andy, I completed the documents online, unfortunately I had another spell in hospital which interfered with my schedule, my response on behalf of my wife was that she never had a loan with Lloyd’s, that she never paid anything whatsoever in respect of the alleged loan. Today she received a one page response from PRA contents as follows: ”We write further to the above and confirm receipt of your defence. We have written to the court and wish to inform you that we intend to proceed with our claim. In view of the above what options/r
  3. Thanks for the help DX, I’ve been in hospital of late so not been around, we recently received correspondence in which they have so far been unable to find the signed paperwork and have deemed the debt unenforceable and unless they obtain the signed documents won’t enforce it, although they do mention they can continue to hound us. Today received a CCJ notice to respond to, I have 28 days to respond, do I need to send a copy of their recent paperwork and a response based on their failure to find the signed docs? regards inspace55
  4. Good morning all, I'm after some advice in respect of the following, I’ll try and recall the main points: Original loan was with Lloyd’s bank many years ago. in 2007 I set up a Payplan DMP, several debts, been paying them ever since without any issues. Towards end of 2018, Payplan advises that PRA Group held details on file that were different from those held by Payplan, eventually found out it was that one file was in my wife’s name and as such they (PRA) would only deal with my wife and in April 2019, Payplan stopped paying PRA, at the time I was not ma
  5. We were visited today by an "enforcement officer" from Marstons in connection with my sons unpaid fine for not wearing a seat belt, it goes back a long time. I was at work and my wife rang me to say the enforcement officer needed me to call him on my return home, in the meantime my wife rany my son, who is currently in Egypt on his hols and is not due back till the end of next week, he said give them his car, but I need to establish if this is necessary or can it be put off until his return, when he can then make arrangements to pay it. The amount he owes is just over 600 pounds. He told my wi
  6. Thanks S, time will be tight as I have to attend a minor surgery later the same day, so I'm still debating what to do.
  7. Right, heres the latest, received correspondence from AG, a consent order, indicating they wont be in attendance, the second page being the CO states:- 1. The Statutory Demand dated 19 June and served 26 June be set aside. 2. The hearing listed for 27 August be vacated. 3. No order as to costs. Do I still attend court or not? Regards Inspace55.
  8. So if you sign and send the consent order into the court do they expect you to cough up the £40?.
  9. 42man, your a star, I'll get this into the court tomorrow, thanks for your help.
  10. In preparation I have requested from my DMC any and all correspondence they have in connection with this case, but Im going to prepare the 6.4 and 6.5 forms when I get home tonight, can anyone post a set that have been completed, without the pertinent details so I can get the gist of how to set it out, also in respect of the 6.5 i will dispute in full but what additional information needs to be inserted?. Once I have got my head around this I hope it becomes much clearer!
  11. Thank you 42m, I'll start on the forms tomorrow when I can quietly get my head around them. Oh, should I write back to AG pointing out the 12+2 for the CCA?, or just leave that as it is?
  12. Right, sent off the CCA to Arrow, recorded and unsigned. Today I received a letter from then about my earlier call to check that the SD was bona-fide and that I would be requesting further information, the letter goes on to reiterate the time scale to set aside. Well I shall be preparing that tomorrow once I've got some free time, but for today I've been scouring my records and one thing that seems strange is that the account number and amount stated in the SD differ from my records, the account number is totally different and I have checked all my paperwork and ca
  13. Thanks, Just one more thing, the SD does not contain a date for the court hearing, do I take it its 18 days from issue/receipt of the SD?
  14. Thank you Shadow, I contacted AG, the persons named were there but not available, so I had a brief chat with XXXXX who put a note on my file that I was submitting a CCA today. She said the SD was bona-fide, and I should contact the court to set aside. I have also asked my DMC to email a scanned copy of AG's earlier correspondence which stated they may issue a SD, as I dont have a copy and I need the details. I'm certainly going to dispute this one, there is no reference with credit expert concerning this debt with MBNA, nor any details of it being assig
  15. Your help will be gratefully received, 42man. I,m going to contact AG today, but first I have signed up to credit expert to check my file, I note that there is a CCJ listed in March 2009, I am at a loss as I have had no notification whatsoever and the amount is not recognised, Im going to write to the court for details. Back to AG and the SD, I'll request the CCA today, submit by registered mail, and I shan't sign it, as far as I can recall my original MBNA agreement was around 1994, but I cant be exactly sure, as I had 2 cards and one was settled without an
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