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  1. I'm sure the papers were delivered from the original court, I must now find these which I'm sure is filed away somewhere, I should have found these before coming on here, I will come back as soon as possible over the next few days as I now have to take my son to London for an assessment. Thank you for all your feedback so far.
  2. O.k., what do you mean by court fees, I only wonder because I was told by a local solicitor that I should save up a fee and go bankrupt and the huge fee is just not attainable for me? I will need time to look up the documents for the amount of CCJ I was informed by letter that the court case was going ahead and they held this in London which I was'nt able to get to (too far away at that time) especially as I also lost my adapted bungalow which we had adapted for my son and this was causing us the most concern so I just let the case proceed especially as I was not working at that time! Tw
  3. 7 years ago I stopped paying a loan because of unemployment and 2 years later Link Financial got a CCJ against me in a local court, I was working by then and they got an attachment to my earnings and received 1 payment before I left the job to care for my son full time. They then got bailiffs to come round to my house to try and get the money but I only receive carers allowance and after discussions with the bailiffs outside my house, they went away after checking with the local court who stated that I was classed as insolvent and quoted the case number to me that had the insolvency statement.
  4. If these debt collectore/ bottom scrapers sell on to another scrapper, could they then obtain another ccj against me and I have to wait another 6 years from that date?
  5. Thank You Dx, I have my answer and will be patient, sets my mind more at ease.
  6. I have been doing this for a few years now and am unable to get out of the rut anyway, say I get to 2013 what happens then, do they then sell it on to another brother company and try and chace again because that is what it seems like has happened to me so far?
  7. Thats the route I'm thinking of but trying to find that amount of money for is proving extremelly hard, have been trying for two years. Would it not be just as well to do what I'm doing now and just wait for time to get me to Status Barred or am I just being a fool again!!!? Suspect my wife will have left years ago if it was not for the fact that my disabled son is totally reliant on me for his care!
  8. Sorry but I dont understand where to find seq's blog?
  9. Thanks Jordank, I tried CAB a few years ago and they were pretty poor with any advice really, they basically told me to go bankrupt, advice which an old friend of mine(solicitor- now dead unfortunatelly) told me would be fine if I had the £450 needed to do it but he just advised me to ignore them and just carry on as my sons Carer. One CCJ states that I am financially unviable and when Bailiffs have called with other CCJ's I have just refered them to that CCJ and they just go away and for the past 2 years have not bothered me again.Cab did say that an AVI would prove impossible on my finance
  10. Thanks dx, I just read your other reply and was just searching for seq's blog. According to the equifax report I have 7 CCJ's registered against me dating from 2005 through until 2008 I receive on average between 5 to 7 letters a week ( going on for 5 years minimum) and now I have started tonreceive 2-3 telephone calls a week. I never respond to the letters and just tell them to go away if they try speaking to me on the phone. It all started whenI was in a business for myself locally which went to the wall, I lost my house and owed money to two credit card companies and had a loan from
  11. Hello, Im new here but have spent loads of time searching this forum and find it fascinating but confusing. I have multiple companies chasing me, infact they have been chasing me for about 4-5 years. Link even managed to take me to Court and got a CCJ against me and an attachment to earnings, they even got a first payment from the attachment! It has got so bad that my wife is hardly talking to me anymore, I cant get a job now as I am my disabled sons carer full time so I only get carers allowance, etc... I mainly came on here to find out if there are any organisations
  12. I got an Equifax report on myself and found that organisations like Cabot have registered defaults on there from 2006/2007 and I know that my original debt was from Halifax and banks like that from around 2003 etc.. My question is: Do I now have to wait for SB from the new dates or are they infact trying to take advantage, if so what can I do about this? There are others - Lowell, Link etc.. who have done the same and some have even issued CCJ against me!
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