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  1. OK will do the above might be tomorrow or late tonight gotta sort my son out for bed . Thanks for all your help and speak to you tonight or tomorrow. Mart
  2. is that all i send is the cca letter template? Thanks
  3. The last payment was months ago yes i have the original agreement and as for ppi i think that was in their
  4. As far as I'm aware Lilly Ive had nothing but phone calls.... which at one point i had to ignore because of the arrogance of them
  5. Says nothing apart from its issued by welcome and they want the money by 2ND July or else...............can they do anything of the sort???? like in the options it says they will legal action or send a debt collector around that would be my worst fear as i have a bad temper and would most likely clobber one of these tough men
  6. thankyou for your replies..... To Lilly its a unsecured loan from 24-may-07
  7. yes and the debt is for 3540.10 not in a good position after loosing my job. Any suggestions Thanks Mart
  8. HI people i received a letter yesterday from this company issuing me a final demand....... This is the first letter Ive had from this company and the fact i never even knew the debt had gone to them Ive attached a copy of the letter minus the personal details if someone could please check the letter and advise me on what to do it would be most appreciated thank you Mart
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