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  1. Hi and thank you all guys. don't have much time cos at work, but we are doing a midnight flit tonight, its got worse. She basically brought a bloke in on monday to look at the house and gave him keys. i asked her who he was and she responded ' i don't know, but i'll find out when he comes wont i?' she took him on a tour of the house and then handed him keys. We only know cos we are listening in. i saw him from the window - a burly 40 odd bloke with a shaven head and tattoos - hardly an appropriate housemate for two women. i was very upset that we were not even cons
  2. oh also, btw, is her locking the boiler illegal too? We can't imagine that it's in any way right as nobody has any access to it now.
  3. Thank you all. I now have some ideas about what she ias exactly doing that's illegal. Rather than comeuppance, per se, in terms of revenge, like you say - it's exploiting vulnerable people and that's what makes me really angry - my housemates are in a foreign country/unemployed/students etc. My concern is that even if we move, as two employed english people we are in a much stronger position and still get this treatment, so i shudder to think what she would do if she had a house full of more vulnerable people. We are trying to get out asap, but we like the peo
  4. Hi everyone. I believe I am a tenant of the worst landlady in the UK. The effect of her behaviour on myself and my housemate is actually tangible. We have never been so stressed out. our home is a source of stress and anxiety. This woman clearly has some sort of disordered mind or personality and we are at the whim of it. We moved in three months ago. At the time, she knew my mother and told my mother that she would be renting out her house, as she was moving around the corner. We agreed to move in - this woman at the start was very nice, doing the whole "a
  5. Hi, now i have more time! Thanks for the links - I'll read them in a bit. I went to work this morning - the front door was open. i came home - the back door is propped open. i shut it. At ten pm now - it was open. Now, all the piles of post have disappeared! As far as i am concerned, i signed up for a flat with two external doors - not two that are permanently propped open. Also, there was a lot of post in the vestibule - bank statements, final bills, previous tenants stuff- now its all gone except for one or two letters!!! Again, i would NEVER have lived
  6. Hello, really quick because i'm at work and shouldn't be on here but am very worried... Basically, i signed a tenanct agreement AST, two weeks ago for a ground floor victorian flat. Many promises were made to me about the flat (heating woukld be fixed, etc) that did not materialise. water is leaking under my sink under electrical sockets, the buzzer does not work, etc.. however - the main thing is that i feel scared to be alone there at night. my neighbours (different landlords) leave the front and back doors open all the time. this terrifies me, and i want out -how?
  7. Hi, well i'm with CCCS, but they can't deal with my renewed budget because my circumstances are about to change (new job and moving in 2 weeks) Crapquest have taken advantage of this by saying that as ccs will not confirm they have details of my income, by hassling me. i was supposed to pay a settlement figure of £300, but when it came down to it, i offered them 200 as i didnt have the money. They then rang me up asking me why i no longer had the money and what I DID with it! I was fuming. i told them i was on a DMP (CCS are still paying them £10 a month, but they are trying to bully me into a
  8. Hi, They have just done the exact same thing to me- threatened me with people who are not bailiffs, but who certainly sound like them. Who will be visiting my home. mine is over a capital one debt- i've paid £200 this month and they wanted the rest of the settlement (£233) but i just cannot afford it as i don't start my new job until next week. i know this is illegal, but i'm still worried because these guys are unlawful jokers. My letter says too: 'the doorstep agent is instructed to collect the full amount due and to compile a report to assist in possible further action.
  9. Ah- see, a week ago i was asked if i'd ever had a CCJ i thought, no! Then afterwards thought..hang on... what was that? Given all this, do you think that the council served a liability order on me then? Is this, in credit terms, as bad as a ccj? When will it expire? Thank you!
  10. Hi there, I'm quite worried that I've had a CCJ, but can't be sure. This sounds ridiculous, granted, but it happened over my council tax in 2004. I split with my partner, registered for council tax, but no letter arrived. The council said they'd sent it- they hadn't. i wrote letters, emails and chased them, but found out later that they had been billing ME for MY council tax at my partners address! They carried on doing it and it was quite an acrimonious split from my partner and he was not passing on my mail. I was only 20 at the time, and when I left the house, thinking no more o
  11. stan- i am with you- ive had an account with them since june- ive NEVER been able to log in, ive ended up using about 6 different passcodes- apparently they are somehow "linked" so that if you forget one, you have to re-order the other. Then the new one comes. this is somehow not linked to my old one.. i order another, it doesnt work.. they suspect fraud on my account ive tried to log in so many times. they use a long number with means nothing to you, a membership number which means nothing, then some crappy "memorable word" then, you get locked out. ive never had this problem with halifax or
  12. Hi Alun, I'm very sorry to hear of your problems with Lloyds T(he) S(h**) B(ank). What makes my blood boil about Lloyds is how they pick on the vulnerable. Most people I hear about who have these problems with huge charges or threats with lloyds are single parents, students, ill, on benefits, made redundant or on low incomes. They are appalling. If somebody offered me a job working for that organisation tomorrow on 50k, i'd turn it down, because I wouldn't be able to live with my own conscience. How anybody works for them, and actually executes these kind of policies and this behavi
  13. Hi there, I had an overdraft with lloyds tsb 4 years ago that stood at 2k. They put me in collections when i was a student and I've worked really hard to get it down to the £90 it was two weeks ago. They sent me a letter telling me my o/d would be taken away, and i thought that a cheque would clear and i'd be able to pay it off. However, come friday my account still wasnt in credit and i now had an unauthorised o/d. By the time i credited and attempted to close my account on tuesday morning i was told that I owed £190 in charges because of those 4 days. :-o I nearly hit the deck. I
  14. catlover64- i have posted a thread here in this forum, describing us moving into a house LEFT in a similar state. as a tenant that is having to undo all of the work left by similar previous tenants i can understand exactly where you are coming from and costs and time of cleaning up after people like this. I also know the costs of removing rubbish- not cheap. I think what you outlined in your original post was perfectly reasonable as leaving things like grease and chip fat on the walls of a property is totally unacceptable. I can imagine the state of your property as we have the same problems
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