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  1. On friday 6th january 2012 godebt cardiff made all but 6 of staff redundant good news
  2. Hi If i was you i do nothing you do not live in the uk .....What can they do Nothing .....if they SD you they can do nothing ....get your mum to go to the cab or to a solicitor letter to say you are not at the address do not have any contact with Go DEBT 6 year is from dat of defalt ....
  3. Just a bit of news for you Mr Willaim Rhodes MD of GoDebt is a new Magistrate or JP in the bristol county what a joke you all should get your SD's at his court........
  4. Just To Let You All Know The The Md Of Go-debt Mr William Rhodes Is A New Jp Or Magistrate In The Bristol County As For All Your Cases To Be At His Court F--k That Would Be A Big Joke
  5. I did not think that justin fowler was still working there if he calls again tell him that you will not be talking to him again and ask him not to call you again and that if thay want to take you to court ask that it to take PLACE AT THE COURT OF HIS MD WILLIAM RHODES COURT AS HE IS A NEW MAGISTRATE AT BRISTOL ...he will not like that ....he is good with his letters copy them send them back.. thay cant force you to sell anything without a court order and you have asked that to be set aside put the phone down
  6. I would never use them again i had PPi with them and was off work for a long time thay never paid out on the cover it was a joke....
  7. Yes you can do it--- the logbook will show who the owner is so thay will not be able to take the car for the debt -----
  8. 1 thing is she hs been paying instalments from the sart this stoped when she stoped working. like i said before i would not pay evan a penny. but she has been paying by instalments its what the court would say why is she paying if its not legit.. if you are right - but what is outstanding is to get them off her back - go-debt should be closed down for what they are doing with YCC.
  9. Hi Please can you tell me how much is outstanding on this debt...and the name on the letter.. Dont pay it yet.. If you can call them offer £500. as a full and final of the out standing debt they may come back with a offer of 1000. but only as a full and final offer of settlement.. dont take the offer of 1000. and instalments. its got to be FULL and FINALif not seek legal advice or see the CAB....:grin::grin: Black1
  10. (1) Have they put the charging Order on your house yet (2) This contempt of court is crap if they ask you go (3) why have you not seen any Agreement?? (4) have you ever paid anything on this debt? (5) What solicitor has spoken to your G/F:confused: (6) with your court papers if you where not there to sing for them send them back they have not been served on you (7) do you own your house?? (8) why have you not been to a Solicitor or the CAB:confused: (9) they just cant make you bankrupt;) (10) they are a debt company they dont and will not help you they want your money
  11. tell me what is the name on the stat-demand who singed it
  12. Hollis Briggs is no longer going so who is singing the letter dont know????give me the name of the person.....what they are trying to do is get you to offer a payment....we see if you get to court or not ......Godebt and hollis briggs are all part of Edwards geldards Solicitors in Cardiff
  13. Leon look it will cost them about 1k to make you bankrupt and if have no money the judge will kick it out .....justin Flower is a pr--k he sends letters like this to all debtors just to make you think that they will bankrupt its not true...tell them to do it if they cant serve the papers they cnt bk you. if godebt or Justin Flower keeps calling your nan get her to spek with the Police its nothing to do with her and as for your wife it will be ok but one thing speak with the CAB...
  14. Hi Danny Ask them for a print out of all the payments that you have paid even from the last company or the company that say you owe it to.how did you pay the last instalment the £175..cash Cheq:??thay must prove that you owe this money:D:D:D. Are thay saying that you owe 175 if that is so get Justin to prove it you want to see it in black and white sometimes they dont have the complet file:-o even with Yes Car they had to back down but if you can prove i tell Justin to take you to court.........dont take his word for it..keep your cool he dont like it ....have a bit of fun Black one
  15. Hi Danny Just a few words ( if and only If the debt that they have asked you to pay is over 10yrs old then hey cant recover it its barred, any debt company has 6yrs from the date of defalt that is the last date of payment on the loan..... but if you have made any payments even if it was a £1.00 on this debt it starts all over again.......so get them to tell you where the debt has come from who it is and the company.....if it is as you say its over 10yrs then they cant ask you to pay .....see the CAB..they will try anything to get you to pay..they are breaking the law if they are trying t
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