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  1. Many Thanks - at least I might be able to sleep a little easier tonight now. Choc
  2. Ok, more info coming out - from what he remembers CCJ was not issued for this debt. CCJ was settled in 2004 prior to gaining employment at a bank - condition of emplyment.
  3. From what he remembers, he ceased payments early 2003 when the company he worked for ceased trading. He did try to claim on his payment protection plan but ended up in debt whilst arguing about things. He doesn't have any records from then however, so dates could be a few months either way.
  4. Ok, partner has now allowed me to see latest letter, a Buy Back Your Account letter from Lowell Portfolio for a MBNA credit card debt believed to be from end of 2002/3. (The letter states MBNA and an amount but no other debt details) We know that at some time we will need to sort out repayment, but at the moment he is unemployed and we are not in a position to make an offer or meet their generous offer of repaying at £40 per month. He only moved in with me at the begining of the year, is not even on the electoral role yet and has not acknowledged their letters and fortunately we have
  5. Thank you - am more reassured now about checking for partner. Choc
  6. Can anyone tell me if doing a CCJ search on Trust Online could trigger DCA letters like doing a credit search can? Thanks Choc.
  7. Nowayjose, excuse me asking but was the Confirmed Resident letter on pink paper?? It's just my partner has an unopened letter which I believe to be from Advantis. Thanks Choc.
  8. Thank you all for your replies, I know we need to talk, maybe I'll try the handcuffs lol! Partner doesn't own a property, he did but was forced to sell when the company he worked for went bust owing the employees 4 months pay - hence the debts. The home we share is in my name alone and as yet he isn't even on the electoral role which really makes me wonder how anyone traced him?? Anyway, thanks again for your comments I will try to see if I can steer him towards this site. Choc
  9. First post so please be gentle with me. My 'new' partner has previous debts from 2002/3, I believe at least one of these was for a couple of thousand and resulted in a CCJ. My partner moved in with me in January and about 4 weeks ago I noticed he was receiving strange post. It turns out these letters are from Advantis Credit, Debt Collection Services (I read the first one saying we have confirmed your address please contact us etc.) Unfortunately I've not been allowed to see the following ones, infact I don't think he's opened them. I really don't know how best to support/help him wi
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