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  1. but I'm not saying they should just give me a year when I have only completed a few months, but when I joined I came with 2 and a half years already, I was with them for enough time to pass the 3 years mark, but now they are saying I can only have 2 years and thats it. So I lose the half year I accrued when I started and the 7-9 months I was with them, which is well over a year. So can I not accrue a year with 2 different insurers, does it have to be 12 months with 1 insurer, and thats it, rather than say 3 months with 1 iinsurer and 9 months with another?
  2. yes, but only because i scrapped my car and bought a new one. I wasn't willing to pay their price for the new car as it was much higher than others, and several hundreds pounds more than my old car.
  3. I started driving in feb 2007, I was with 1 insurer for 2 years getting 2 years no claims, then I was with another for a few months before they unexpectedly cancelled it because they didn't get "proof" of my no claim bonus. So I joined more than, telling them I had 2 years because I had nearly 2 and half, I was with them for around 7-9 months, never claimed, then I decided to scrap my car and buy a new one. The quote more than offered was extortionate so I went with alliance and leicester who had the best deal. By now I have 3 yrs, 3 months ncb, so I say 3 years, i ask more than to send proof but they send a letter saying I only have 2. When I ask them why, they claim that since I didn't complete my year with them, I get no extra no claims bonus for the 7-9 months I was with them, and I only have what I said when I arrived - 2 years!!!! Can they do this? Now alliance and leicester will want more money, even though I have had insurance since feb 2007 and never claimed...can they really do this to me when I have never claimed on my insurance.
  4. Hi, about 4 months ago, my employer started to underpay me, at first it was the agreed overtime not paid, I had to get up at 4am to drive to from north wales to south wales to another depot (not in my contract) and they agreed to pay my overtime, then didn't, then the next month they underpaid my normal salary just like 90 pounds here, and again the next month. Then I injured my back, and tried to carry on working, they told me the insurance wouldn't cover me, and made me take a few days off. They then refused to pay me for these days. Desperate by now for money, as I had been underpaid for many months I called ACAS who spoke to them, the following monday I was 'made redundant!' My boss promised me the rest of the months pay, my holiday pay (2 weeks) and the money he owed me from the previous months and he'd pay it on the friday. He didn't, it took him another 4 weeks to pay anything, and then he just paid for the week i'd already done of the month, and 1 weeks holiday pay, nothing else! Now he's claiming he doesn't owe me anything, that he never said he would pay the month and that I only had 1 weeks holiday pay left as I took a week in feb. Now I DID take a week in feb, but only because I had booked the week off over christmas, and then the DAY BEFORE my holiday, my boss cancelled it and said I had to work instead!!!! I told them I would work, but they had to pay me for my accrued holiday before the end of the year. They didn't, and so I said pay me by end of Jan, they didn't, so I took it off! So it was last years holiday. Now, I've got a new job and put my boss down as a reference, today I'm called in and told that my boss has said it MY fault they had to close our depot and make us redundant, because I didn't work hard enough to make it work!!!! My job is at risk here, I've spoken to ACAS who are trying to put me off taking legal action or going to tribunal, saying it will cost everything I'm owed (about 1000 pounds). But I don't know what else to do. Please can someone help me? :?
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