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  1. Hi Lee, Thank you for responding. This is the reference #5681957 I would appreciate if my services were restored as you can notice from my account I have never made late payments, nor have been a problematic customer, except for last and this months bills due to the above issues, I am happy to pay today as long as the bills are revised in accordance to what they should be. Thank you Regards
  2. Just to add, the response to my email complaint to Vodafone, and following is the poor response I received from their Web team. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi ....., I can see that your account has been suspended on 6th February 2011 due to non payment of £124.45. If you wish to make payment you need to contact our Collections Team on 08700 725 625 any day between Monday and Saturday from 8:00 to 20:00. One of our staff members will be happy to help you. You can send a cheque made payable to Vodafone Ltd. w
  3. Hi I recently got suspended by Vodafone without notice, when contacting them and being transferred from department to department, and finally disconnected because no one wants to help found out it was due to no payment. All my payments with Vodafone have been via Direct Debit, however I had to cancel the DD because of incompetency from Vodafone staff, as I had taken out another contract but clearly stated the DD for the new contract would need to be taken out from a different bank account, which I was assured. Surprise Surprise they debited both bills from my original account, so aft
  4. All I did was log it with by bank as a Fraud claim and I got my money back.
  5. Could anyone Please be able to advise on this issue, Its quiet urgent, apologies but much appreciated. Thank You
  6. I have obtained the complaints procedure from AOL's website and I believe the next step would be to write them a letter Which would be to: Complaints Management Team C/O Member Services PO Box 387 Southampton S030 9AL Would that be correct? Also would anyone be able to assist or guide me to any letter templates of similar complaints please? Thank You
  7. Hi Folks Hope you can give me some advice, I have Broadband and TalkTalk with Aol, even though I don't use TalkTalk, I still took it out as the BB contract worked out cheaper. I received a huge bill one day from Aol and they stated it was because the phone was used for international calls, even though I don't use the phone for international calls or even for local as I use my mobile for everything I still paid the bill but instructed AOL that I lived in a shared accommodation so I couldn't monitor the phone at all times and to place a International and premium rated bar on my account,
  8. Hi Back on the 6th September 09, When i contacted you again via your website, you emailed me a confirmation stating you had received my complaint, i was emailed a reference number, so I'm afraid Vodafone doesn't really have an argument to stand on especially, when making promises to be contacted way earlier, considering its the 17/09/09, this is the first response I have had from Vodafone, My complaint reference, emailed to me on the 06/09/09: Complaint [#1091066] Thank You
  9. Thank You for your Help. Looks like Vodafone doesn't care about the complaints they receive via phone and online, No wonder it is on No.1 for being the worst network. Thank You Locutus
  10. Hi Whats the next step of complaints procedure; because I Contacted Voda via their website on the 5th Sept and Its the 12th Today i Still haven't heard anything, This is how Bad Voda's Service Is, Over The Phone Is the Worst But contact via Website is ignored. Utterly Rubbish. Im Going to be taking this further as they are taking advantage of me remaining silent about the matter. Please advise what my next steps should be. Thank You
  11. You can't contact Vodafone via the above email, customer.care as it doesn't exist no more; as i received an automated response, as follows, Thanks for contacting Vodafone. Please note this email address has now closed and your email has not been forwarded. We request that all customers contact us via vodafone.co.uk for all queries, or directly into our contact us form by clicking here. The following links will answer the majority of questions you may have; Vodafone Help Centre – online help for hundreds of queries ranging from price plans, using your phone at home a
  12. Thank You Martin My issue has been on going for two weeks, i have been constantly contacting vodafone due to my handset being faulty; and wanting an exchange; all i have been getting is idiots cutting the phone, keeping me on hold for lengthy periods then eventually never returning and cutting me of again, I have stayed home, booked holidays from work on numerous ocassions as i was told i would get the handset delivered and the old one would be picked up. Which has been a lie, i have literally been calling Voda everyday wasting my money as my Voda HTC doesn't work. I have even been on the
  13. I Have managed to obtain their customer care email address for complaints. customer.care@vodafone.co.uk From my experience Vodafone is the worst Network, the amount of problems i have had, and the number of times i have logged it with them, even though they have lied to me many times that it will be resolved, and my handset will be replaced as it is within 28days, is beyond a joke, I will be writing to voda, and will want some form of action to be taken. As Voda customer service is the worst; Its service from Hell. Thank You for your help Martin
  14. Yes I attempted To Complain Via Using That Service, after a Lengthy Post I Pressed Send, It Displayed Error So I Would Prefer an Email To Send It To, So Can avoid Losing The Entire Post, Which I Will Have To Rewrite Thank You
  15. What Is Their Complaints Procedure? If You Call Them, They Refuse To assist and State All Complaints Need To Be Logged Online?? An Email Would Help Or Even Their Complaints Procedure Process? Thank You
  16. Thank You Very Much - You Have Been Really Really Helpful Thank You Once again =D
  17. Iv Emailed Them Several Times They're Not Responding. Please Advise What Step I Should Take Next? Thank You
  18. Thank You Very Much, Ill Try Emailing Them and Demanding Call Charges As well, Thank You - Your a Star
  19. Thank You For The Link But They Don't Seem To Be On The Company House Database Their Website is iBitStore - iBitStore.com - iPod and iPod Accessory Retailer :idea:
  20. Hi I Received a Call from a company named Mobiles4Free last month selling me a contract; I agreed and went ahead with it on the 3 Network, I called up the very same day and requested cancellation, Which was end of story for me. I checked my Bank statements today and noticed a payment for 29 pounds taken out of my account alongside it stating IBITStore.co.uk, I thought some one been using my card as the company certainly didn't ring any bells and i didn't purchase anything from them. I went on their website and obtained contact info and called them. I raised concerns regarding t
  21. Read The Contract Terms and Conditions, Check What The Return Policy Is, Usually Mobile Contracts Have a 14 Day Return Policy; However If What Was Stipulated By The Sales agent Hasn't Been Met From Their End, Then You Can Argue On That Basis. If Your Outside Your 14days It Comes Down To The Fact How Much You really Want To Cancel It; Considering I canceled Mine With 3, 6 Months Into The Contract But Did Take a lot Of Phone Calls. Dont Give up and You will Win. (Your Argument Must Be Reasonable and Logical)
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