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  1. Hi Thanks for the quick reply. He wants to sell it to us for what is outstanding on the mortgage so it will be paid off as he wants to still live there but cannot manage financially if he stays there on his own.
  2. Hi All Was just after a bit of advice really & thought what better place to start!!! Mother In law has passed away recently & my father In Law has asked us if we would dlike to miove in with him & in effect buy the house from him. He still has about 28k outstanding on the mortgage so am i right in thinking that this is what we would need to get on a mortgage (although we would also like to pay some debts) & would the house then be in our name? The house is worth about 240k. Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  3. They wrote to me twice saying they could not comply as I hadn't signed my letter, then suddenly they managed to send me a gopy of my credit card application form.
  4. HAve done that. Thanks PHG, let s see what comes next!!!
  5. Thanks for looking at these Docman. Any suggestions on what I should be putting in writing to point these things out? Hi All Should I be putting in writing to Shoosmiths that I believe the copy thry have sent me is actually an application not an agreement? Im also wondering whether to tell them im thinking of entering a DMP with CCCS? I have written to Shoosmiths today avising that I think they have sent me a copy of my application & not my agreement, & also that I dont thinf the T & C's are the correct ones due to the £12 charges. Thanks for pointing that out
  6. Thanks Looby Loo, just seems a drastic thing to do when its only Nationwide I am having problems with!
  7. No, doesn't appear to be any reference to that at all. Its not a proper booklet or anything, just 5 photocopied pages stapled together. Just wondered if anyone else had any advice? Worried about running out of time!! http://i834.photobucket.com/albums/zz261/sams88_2009/terms2.jpg http://i834.photobucket.com/albums/zz261/sams88_2009/terms3.jpg http://i834.photobucket.com/albums/zz261/sams88_2009/terms4.jpg http://i834.photobucket.com/albums/zz261/sams88_2009/terms5.jpg Finally managed to post the terms & conditions............hope you can advise! Many Thanks
  8. Hi Docman, I have no idea if the terms and conditions are the same, they are just stapled together & have no dates or anything relating myself of the account together? Is there an official-ish letter I can send? I cant make an offer as I dont think they would take a couple of hundred quid!!!
  9. Hi I am having similar trouble with Nationwide, however I have not yet entered into a DMP. My other 2 c cards have been helpful & have accepted lower payments for the time being but Nwide wont budge!! Im thinking its prob not worth my while going with CCCS then if they are still going to hassel me?
  10. Thanks Scarlet, I didnt know how to move thread!! PGH-does this mean I have to start the process with them all over again?
  11. Hi All, an update...................... Last correspondence from these lovely people was that they were no longer dealing with this account & any standing orders to them should be cancelled. Usual letter received again on 22nd October saying they have been instructed to collect money etc. I wrote back saying they have told me they are no longer dealing with my account. On Saturday I received another letter saying, where have they gone wrong, I havent replied to their letters etc etc!!!!!! Do they know what they are doing????????????????????
  12. Will post up at lunchtime, when I can get use of a scanner! Thanks Docman. I hope this is readable!!! Sorry I had lots of trouble attaching!!! Hi, I dont think the attatchment is readable? Will try again later Hope This One Is Better Im guessing nobody has managed to have a look at this yet. Im now thinking do I just hand everything to CCCS but after reading another post I still dont think they would stop action if I was paying a reduced amount.
  13. Hi All, Received from Shoosmiths yesterdsy (Sat). A copy of my credit card application which was completed by myself in JAn 1998, along with a copy of their terms & conditions. I will try & put up on here but cant always get access to a scanner. They have offerd me a reduced rate to settle before18th November (which I obviously cant do) or they will start legal proceedings!!! All advice gratefully received!! Thanks all.
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