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  1. Ok, I'll write to them today and see what they say. Thanks again for all the advice - and I'll keep you posted on what happens
  2. Thanks for all the replies so far If I send them a letter offering a small amount per month and explain I'm on benefits at the moment (I've got a health problem which is why I'm not working) are they likely to accept it? I don't really feel able to just let them get on with it right now, I'm not coping too well with things as it is and don't really want it hanging over my head :S
  3. They sent me the credit agreement, all the information that I filled in when I took it out and 3 printed sheets showing actions theyve taken on the account and dates of letters theyve sent to me. I have no idea if this is everything that they should have sent me though
  4. I recently sent a CCA to Ruthbridge Limited for details about a debt they're chsing me for. They sent me everything today, along with a letter telling me their next step is to file for bankruptcy against me. I'm on Income Support at the moment and there's no way I can afford to pay off the debt (nearly 7k) - can anyone give me any advice on what to do next??
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