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  1. I will try that Bankfodder , the location where I was loading was down 9 steps so after a couple of trips up and down I removed my coat and hung it on the door at the top of the stairs. My coat was stolen ... I suspect they were looking for cash , phones etc and found my keys . Without speaking to them I can only guess what happened Hammy.
  2. October last year I had my van stolen. When the police came I told them the circumstances and wrongly stated that the van was unlocked. I believed this to be correct and even told the insurance claims handler the same thing. Baiscally I was loading the van (box van with tail lift) with two other guys. I had hung my jacket up with the van keys in the pocket . We were up and down stairs loading up furniture. Next thing i know is one of the lads shouted the vans been nicked , it was literally just speeding off up the road , tail lift down and furniture all over the road. Anyway this was in October 2016. I had told the police and the claims handler that I believed the van to have been unlocked. Sometime in December between Christmas and New Year I was informed that the insurance company would not be paying out and would not be refunding any of my premium either! In January I went to the Auction House where the theft occured and was asked about the payout on the van . I told the lads that were helping me load the van that the claim was refused because I had left the van unlocked. I still believed this. One of tha lads then told me that he had wanted to adjust the tail lift and could not get in the cab to turn on the power as it was locked. Obviously I was a bit peeved about this as I had told the insurance assessor and the police that there were lads helping me and could tell them as much as I could but neither were interested. Hed either of them spoke to the lads who were helping me then my mistake about the van being unlocked would have been discovered earlier. As soon as I realised there had been a mistake I wrote to ageas insurance . The are not interested in looking again as I had told the police and them the same thing ... because I believed it to be true. How can I force Ageas to listen , they have made the decision on incorrect evidence and even though the mistake has been pointed out to them , they are refusing to even speak to the guys from the auction house. I want to go to the Ombudsman but Im not sure if they can look at the new evidence or will just look at what was said to the police and insurance claims handler. Would it be worth correcting the mistake in my police statement ? Would a statement of truth help ? The van was on finance and I have nothing to gain but everything to lose . I thank you for looking and hope I can get some advice . Shaun
  3. There is no reason you should know why it would cause her distress , Some people fear official looking demands for money and it can cause real distress. My partner is like this Nuff said on that.. I have no problems dealing with this myself I just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same thing with multiple visits to an ANPR monitored location on the same day where they take your arrival time at your first visit and then your leaving time from your last visit hours later even though you have been backwards and forwards several times on the same day
  4. Hello , Recently received a ticket / invoice from smart parking requesting £40.00 etc , you all know how this works right ? on the "invoice" there was a picture of our car entering the car park ( free to use for customers ASDA ) at around 2pm and another picture of our car leaving around 10 pm ! Ok on the face of this evidence I was parked there for several hours and they issued their attempt to extort money from me. What concerns me is the fact that we visit the store regularly , sometimes 4 or five times a day ... its really our local shop. I remember visiting the store in Chorley , Lancashire several times on the day they have issued their invoice for and due to our frequency of visiting the staff know us quite well including security . I strongly suspect fraudulent activity on the part of Smart Parking, taking the picture of us entering on our first visit and our exit picture from our last visit several hours later. Has anyone else had anything similar where you KNOW your car was not parked for such a long period and you have visitad a monitored location several times in one day ? It has caused some distress with my partner who suffers from severe anxiety at the best of times . If I could afford justice I would sue the bleeders.. . but therein lies the problem . ..poor people have been priced out of justice
  5. I understand what you mean... So is the problem down to private banks issuing currency.... Areturn to gold standard wouldn't have to be gold strictly speaking... It could be the "worth of a nation" but private banks creating money at the push of a button then lending this unbacked cash to nations at whatever interest rate.... Governments only should issue currency... Just my opinion...
  6. Chemtrails? This was supposed to be about national debt and the control of the world's money. If you want chemtrails David icke is your man... He has some really oddball theories.
  7. We already have the worst thing imaginable... And egocentric elitist ultra nationalist natural born exterminator, not exactly natural born, more engineered. The United States of America. Not the people... The ones who are in power. ( I don't think it's president obama either... He's just a puppet like all the other latterday us presidents , George Bush with the IQ of an ape running a nation on his own lmfao! ) . I reckon I have about 20 years left if I'm lucky and I doubt I will see any drastic changes for the better or worse. Control of the wealth is the key to drastic change. Private Corporations are running this planet purely for profit at any cost.
  8. I understand what you are saying and I still say a gold backed currency is the most stable as only a finite amount of currency can be printed based on national reserves. Borrowing money that is backed by gold would prevent the massive fraud that is occurring now. .
  9. Inflate debt away???? Sorry I'm no economist. But I thought interest and compound interest charged on this money that is created from nothing is a never ending spiral of debt. If money could only be created when you can back it with something then it could not be created out of things air and lent out at silly rates of interest. Borrowing from banks that back their currency with something would introduce more stability than currently exists. Maybe government should keep out of the money printing business but those institutions that do issue currency should hold reserves to back it up. The creation of money from nothing is the problem. Any institution such as the US FEDERAL RESERVE should be regularly audited... It never has been for some reason. I bet the contents of fort knox are now in Rothchilds private vault. Who is buying up all the gold with this created from nothing currency? Who is the national debt of every nation owed to?
  10. Ok let's start a list for volunteers for extermination... Who is going to play god then?
  11. It funny you mentioned that because it appears that Massive population reduction is one of the hidden agendas. Quite how where and when I don't know. It may or may not be in my lifetime... Freedom is an illusion, the UK is the most surveilled society on the planet... Yes worse than China, Russia or the United States. Even free speech is an illusion now, prosecutions for Facebook posts and tweets. The worst of it is, we have been conditioned to accept it and still believe we are free.
  12. I believe the Vatican has some influence but it does not own the United States Federal Reserve... Which despite its name is a privately run bank... One prominent figure in the Federal reserve said when a person writes a cheque the money is deducted from their account. When the Federal Reserve writes a cheque it creates money. I believe the ownership of the Federal Reserve to be connected to the UK in a big way... QE2 connections have been implied. Back to the Vatican.. I have no doubt that they weild immense power and influence but I think they are more of a compliant non participant who know what's happening.. Sort of aiding and abetting from the sidelines and no doubt the benefit financially in one way or another.
  13. My solution??? You misjudged me honeybee. I'm unable to propose a solution. We should definitely remove control of the wealth from private banks and return to the gold standard. As for a definitive solution... It would take a better mind than mine to work that out. Without the people seeing the problem there is no hope. Only numbers can make a difference. Google the lawful bank there are some ideas there, I never was any good with money!
  14. "Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” Baron M.A. Rothschild Once the very few bankers have the control over currency they become all powerful and Presidents, Prime ministers, Monarchs are all subservient to them ... (Not openly of course) The fact still remains that these private banks create money out of NOTHING and then charge interest for it. A 1p coin has more monetary value than a £50 note in reality because it has some value as metal , the only value of a £50 note is faith in this current fraudulent system we have all embraced so eagerly. The money in your pocket is no longer backed by anything which leads to the current situation. I would still like to know who every country on the planet owes money to ? No news organisation has took this up , dont you find it strange that we as a nation owe so much money ? The Tories blame Labour , yeah right !!! Gordon Brown could not bring down the entire global economy on his own, it took organisation and co-ordination Maggie Thantcher wouldnt join in and play by the unwritten rules of the financial moguls , so she was got rid of . I believe it works like this , a situation is created ( whether it be a terrorist attack or a financial crisis ) then Governments deal with these situations in a number of ways but always at the expense of personal freedoms, or increased financial levys . We have a problem , there is an initial reaction then those who supposedly govern propose a solution. Its a tried and tested social engineering ploy and it obviously works because no-one questions it. The British in particular have a moan for a bit the just get on with it, ( poll tax was the one exception i recall) It just doesnt seem to be discussed openly by politicians, the media or anyone . I would bet ( with my worthless money) that all the debt is owed to a very small but very wealthy group of people.
  15. I have no idea how much UK Plc is in debt... I do wonder why we need to borrow from private bankers though? A sovereign state can issue its own debt free currency so why borrow? Who are these trillions owed to by every nation? This debt owed by so many to so few is a [problem], it has been engineered to enslave us all. Once the control of money was transferred from the gold standard and was handed over to private banks we were screwed. Private banks such as the US Federal reserve literally create money from nothing without having anything to back it up with such as gold. This fiat currency is a huge con and I wish people could see it. The deficit is a globally engineered con perpetrated by generations of one or two families. Rothchilds are one. The ultimate aim seems to be a one world government with the majority living in an orwellian society with a very few feeding off us all. It's social engineering of the highest order and with the darkest motives. Get out of the EUROPEAN Union all together. They are taking our sovereignty by stealth. The Late Lady Thatcher was well aware of the objectives of the EU... I hated her at the time btw but she was right about that. That's why influence was used from outside to shove her out... She wasn't voted out, her own ministers got rid of her with more than a little help from outsiders. We should demand a global return to the gold standard for currency a day prevent the any private company from controlling a nations finances.
  16. Thanks for that, already got a letter from Doctor, does not request home medical but explains my wife was unable to attend last time. New claim for ESA ... It appears that a new claim for esa can only be made with a "new condition" (illness) JSA is definitely out as I am not available for work due to looking after my wife. I will write to our MP about the unsuitablility of the venue for the medicals. It is not possible to get near enough for my wife to walk in there. and as its on the 4th floor (there is a lift) but in an emergency the lift would be put out of use and there are 77 steps to get down to the ground floor. I managed to speak directly to the actual decision maker about his decision. I explained that we had asked them to contact my wifes GP but he explained the the onus is on the customer to provide medical proof, DWP do not normally go chasing after proof. My wifes GP did say to get the dwp to write to him requesting information a couple of weeks ago so thats what we asked dwp to do. The decision maker said he will reconsider his decision upon receipt of the letter from the doctor. He seemed reasonable enough and understood our concerns but the decision making appears to be more of a mathematical machanical process than a real effort to understand personal situations. Saw another Doctor yesterday and he agreed to write a letter once we explained that the onus was on us to provide the required information..
  17. We did write a letter voicing our concerns about the 4th floor venue but they claim not to have received it and only received the letter stating the reasons after the failure to attend.
  18. We asked our GP and he simply said to get the Benefits agency to write to him, we asked them to contact our gp but they have not bothered to do so
  19. My wife has just been notified that her failure to attend a medical has resulted in her ESA being stopped. She is really unwell her own GP said she currently has a life threatening condition , Besides suffering excruciating chronic pain she has amxiety attacks and is virtually unable to walk. The medical facility is on the 4th floor and although there is a lift if there were an emergency the lift would be out of action and she would have had to get down 77 steps. I have written to the esa people and told them that the venue is unsuitable and asked them to attend our home to carry out the assessment but they just disallowed the benefit. She currently has an appeal going through for the higher rate of DLA and now she has been told she must apply for JSA. are there any solicitors who can help with benefite in the Lancashire , Preston area because we dont know what to do. I could claim JSA but who would look after my wife ?
  20. I have the reciept for the final payment which was reduced by 50% which shows an outstanding balance of nil and I have my documnets back in my possession. The guy at the Preston office was indeed very helpful and true to his word. You are sceptical????........... So was I ........... I still cant believe it myself but its true... I am free So again if you are having problems please try to speak to a local area manager, I am sure from my experience today that Mobile Money would rather help if they can. You will see other posts about Mobile Money from me in the negative lol,,,,,, I still believe it should be made perfectly clear what happens with this Bill of sale deal and I would like to see the interest rate reduced as the loan is effectively secured and such high rates cannot be justified on a secured loan. I would also like to see the balloon payment system scrapped and the entire repayment amount spread over the length of the loan rather than having to pay this huge amount at the end. Im sure Mobile Money are considering this and I do hope they adopt this policy
  21. I tool out a loan secured on my car by way of a bill of sale, I did not read exactly what I was signing , I just needed the money fast, as so many of us do (rather foolishly) I got behind on my account and decided to contact Mobile Money, I claimed trhat I had been mis-led and was being ripped off , However once I read the paperwork I realised exactly what I had signed and what the consequences were. I had maintained my account well up to the last couple of months when I encountered difficulties. I contacted Mobile Money in my area and had a rant about what I though was wrong, I asked for copies of the bill of sale and a statement of my account ... all this was provided immediately on the same day. The man I emailed urged me to talk to them as they wanted to resolve this , they never WANT to repossess a car if it is avoidable. In explained my difficulties and asked if the company could consider reducing the balance to something more affordable, my request was considered and a final settlement figure was forwarded to me and the reduction was significant........... so significant in fact that the debt will be paid today. My point is regarding the Bill of sale........ now just because Mobile Money can take a car legally with this document doesnt mean they will. You only have to contact them and negotiate, but dont make any offer of payment you cannot afford. Be honest , be realistic and explain what problems have caused your difficulties. The staff at my branch are human and they do understand. The reduction has made the balloon payment affordable, I guess many people have managed the regular payments but struggled with the balloon payment, please contact your branch and ask of you can just pay off the balloon payment over a period, try asking them not to charge you anymore interest, if you are in severe financial difficulties ask if they could or would consider a reduction in the balloon payment to make it affordable. Mobile Money had indicated that they would allow me to pay off the full balloon payment over a period of 6 months but the offer of a reduction in return for one cash payment was much more attractive to me. If you read my posts you will see I dont mince my words when it comes to complaining but in this case I say FAIR PLAY to mobile money , they had the right to legally come and take my car but chose to help a customer in difficulties instead.:madgrin::madgrin::whoo::whoo:
  22. Well, I have always been a bit of an Ostritch... burying my head in the sand and hoping a problem would go away. I contacted Mobile Money regarding my account which was in arrears and explained that I was in a big hole that I couldnt dig myself out of. The representitive from my area (Northwest) contacted me and offered to help me sort it out. Of course I was ever so sceptical but today I emailed him asking if he could help by reducing the amount I would have to pay to clear the account. I was very surprised and happy with his reply and the debt will now be cleared today I have had a rant about this archaic piece of legislation used but I am ultimately responsible for signing papers and accepting terms and conditions. Bill of sale loans are in themselves not a problem , the problem is the balloon payment at the end of the loan term. Please dont give up, this company has proved to me that it does want to help customers in difficulty and they are open to negotiation and flexibility. Repossession is a last resort please talk to Mobile Money , they genuinely do want to help.
  23. I requested a copy of the bill of sale, I was surprised to note the figures on the bill to be truthful. I initially borrowed 250.00 , I paid this for 6 months or there abouts and then topped up my "loan" by a further 200, making a total of £450.00. Does anyone know how this actually works as the figure for december shows an advance of £460 ??? I really am concerned about the witness being the same person who signed me up and gave me the loan... or what I though was a loan, it now appears it was more complicated than I first thought. Even after reading the bill I am still not sure what it means billofsale.pdf
  24. No, I cannot borrow any money. I think I will check the legitimacy of the bill of sale first, then look at a few other options. I have no intention of paying the ridiculous amount they are asking,.
  25. Unable to find paperwork, probably discarded. They are actually asking for 161.60 by 27th of this month, If payment is not made then they will take possession of the car, I can give this voluntarily or they will instruct an agent. Just checked with the wife and loan is up in June so thats when they will want the balloon payment. There is no way I can raise this money as it is very nearly the amount I borrowed in the first place. I have paid them more than I borrowed already , I topped up the loan in November and have maintained payments, except the last two. The only option open to me is to scrape the money together for the 161.60 and re-finance the balloon payment as I cannot manage without the car due to wifes mobility problems
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