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  1. Thank you tomtubby. I have contacted the council twice regarding this, ( by email and phone ), and as yet had no response. The emails go unanswered , and the phone calls get passed from pillar to post with no answer at the end except the usual " we will get in touch with you ". Its almost as if they are asking each other , " did we say you can do this ?", and , " can we actualy charge this?" type of scenario !!!! Hillarious in a " Carry on bailiff " kind of film , but certainly not in real life. Why oh why can't the powers that be answer simple questions?
  2. I would be truly grateful if anyone could respond to this as I need to make quick decisions in order to make any progress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand that there are far more urgent queries than mine , but if anyone could find a few minutes I would be very grateful
  3. Well , after many days waiting I have recieved the following reply regarding HEAD H fees. I quote , " please note that although the administration fee in accordance with section h is added to the account on the date where the levy and wp take place , the fee is not paid untill the whole debt is paid to the council. Therefore the debt owed to the council is paid afterwards the administration fee in accordance with sec h fee is paid. This fee is charged in accordance with the council tax (administration and enforcement )act regulations 1992 - regulations 45 ( as amended ). With regards to
  4. Hallowitch , you say that the council does not have to accept payment , and may tell you to pay the bailiff. I am pretty sure I have read on these forums on many occasions , that the council can't refuse to accept payments , and for people not to be fobbed off by being told that they have to pay the bailiffs. If I have miss-understood what has been said in previous threads , then please forgive me. ( I am prone to getting ' senior moments ' !!! )
  5. Thank you dx. it is a tool of work in the sense that I need it to get to work !!! Once at my place of work , then I don't need it. Incidently , my place of work is 14 miles from home. So with no PT, it is an essential item.
  6. Because this is the situation I could find myself in. I do not write asking for information on various subjects just for the fun of it. Although I don't have any immediate bailiff problems , the fact they have been to my home a few weeks ago regarding CT , I still have a fear that they will return at some stage. I like to know as much about the ' enemy ' and what tools are at my disposal as possible. It is allways better to have information and not need it , than to need the info and not have it. I truly hate these people , and I will never let my guard down again. SM
  7. We live in a remote area with no public transport at all. The nearest town is 8 miles away and even that has only one decent shop. I work part time 16 hrs a week , and my wife works a minimum of 28 hrs a week. We have two cars that we both need for our work. Given that we do have two cars , could a bailiff clamp one of them even if both are desperately needed in order to live ?. I know they are not supposed to take a car if it is needed for work purposes , but would that apply to both of them given that both are equaly needed for work ? Another thing that concerns me , if it is completely lega
  8. Tomtubby and Hallowitch , thank you both very much for your replies. It is very appreciated. I will contact the LA to see if they have agreed to their agents charging this fee , and also contact R & R to provide me with the statutory regulation that allows this fee to be charged. I will let you know what happens !!
  9. Thank you Hallowitch. I do not wish to sound rude or unappreciative , but I did not understand anything in your reply !!!. Could you please tell me in laymans terms the gist of your post. When I read schedule this , and section that , my brain dies !!!. Mother nature was a tad mean when she dished out the comprehension bit !!!!!!
  10. As a follow up to one of my earlier threads on this subject , I contacted Ross and Roberts regarding fees that I disagreed with following advice given to me on this forum. Advice that turned out to be spot on !!. Very quickly , I had fees of £77.50 that R & R told me was for a first visit fee...£ 24.50..............levy fee....£ 41.00.............WP fee.....£12.00. I queried this figure after been advised that the first visit fee should not have been applied as they managed to levy. I recieved a email on Friday from R & R saying that " The fees given previously were incorrect , and t
  11. We all know what utter morons bailiffs in this country are , but do they fare better in other EU countries ? Is there any other EU state which has a more deplorable system than ours ? Who are the best , and who are the worst , ( I suspect we all know the answer to the latter !!! ) And finaly , If someone in the UK owes , lets say ct , and the bailiffs are on the case , if that person then re-locates to another EU member , does the bailiff of the UK have any power to enforce , or is it passed to a bailiff of the country that the person now lives ?. Hence the original point of this thread !!!
  12. You tell them you are married to such a man , that he's been suffering from toothache , and any hassle of any kind would result in the bailiff trying to remove his head from his own arse !!
  13. I have just had this reply from a email requesting clarification regarding fees. First visit fee £24.50 Levy fee.......£41.00 WPA............£ 12.00.....................total £77.50 Are these figures correct ? I have some doubt about the levy fee , but I have no idea !!
  14. Hi there Emma. First of all , try not to make yourself by worrying. There are some truly wonderful people on this forum who will offer you sound practical advise and support. Rest assured , you have come to the right place !!! As for myself , I am totaly ignorant about bailiff matters hence me being on here as well !!! Don't worry !!!
  15. What I meant was that you would pay council tax direct to the LA , but have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the bailiffs. No matter what threats were made or what dire consequences you were promised by them , you told them to GFT. I can't see what they could actualy do , if anything. If they said they would return to take any goods that they may be able to squeeze a few quid out of , and you just happened to have a few of your mates around for a beer or two when they arrived.............................hmm !!! Interesting scenario !
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