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  1. First of all don't panic.....I too am dealing with Capquest as they are acting on behalf of Capital One for my old credit card debt...... These people will try to harass, scare and bully you into paying more than you can afford or for a debt that is unenforceable. Try if you can to stay calm, post your cca minus your personal details and someone will be along shortly to take a look and give advice on next steps. This site has been a great help to me in my situation and I feel confident enough with the knowledge I have gained from this site to tackle these morons either on the ph
  2. Great news.....keep it safe like other caggers said just in case they send any other pondlife a hunting for some prey ha ha lol !!! :o)
  3. ha ha lol I like the way they use MAY in each sentance.....wouldn't worry too much about this....write back with one of the standard letter templates you can find on here telling them to PROVE IT !!! Good luck
  4. tee hee I think they are a little narked at the fact we all support each other and we are not alone when fighting there morons with their empty threats. I feel good today Comments duly noted...I will now await their's or Crap One's response to this. By they way the email addresses I sent my request to are:- legal@capquestco.com or afryer@capquestco.com Capital One email address :- ukrecruitment@capitalone.com I wrote clearly to PASS ON TO RELEVANT DEPARTMENT on the header !!! They obviously got it as they wrote straight back !!!! Saves on the postage and reco
  5. I found an email address for Capquest and sent the letter below earlier this week. Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Account Number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx s.78(1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 request I note that you have replied to the above by sending your companies current Terms and conditions and an illegible consumer credit agreement with a signature that is clearly not mine. I must inform you that this is not sufficient to comply with the request and that your company are now in default under the act. To clarify, just sending the Terms and Conditions is a breach of
  6. Then email them this link Buchanan clark & wells left anna in tears - Investigations to the following email address......you will probably hear no more from them !!!! Makes very interesting reading too !!! Buchanan Clark & Wells email address JKerr@bcwgroup.com
  7. I have already fought off one DCA this week for an outstanding amount of nearly 200 quid for NPower They sold the debt firstly to Moorcroft who I told to sling their hook after sending a doorstep collector firstly then the threatening phonecalls next....I CCA'd Moorcroft and they never replied....I then got a letter from Buchanan Clark & Wells so I can only presume the debt was sold on to them !!!.... I found an email address for BCW.....quicker and cheaper !!! Asked them for proof of the debt they were chasing....they sent a couple of threatening emails back to say they had not
  8. Thinking of sending a letter back to them regarding illegibility and asking them could I make an appointment to view the original signed copy and not a computer generated microfiche printed off one....what do you guys think and is there a letter to those words floating about with legalities etc in it ??? Thanks for any help offered in advance
  9. I have not paid anything on the account for about 18 months anyhow :o) Just keep getting threatograms and phone calls from Capquest with regard to this !!!! Think I will send them a letter saying that until they send me an agreement with MY SIGNATURE on then go swivel !!! Anybody any ideas as to whether the agreement is enforceable signed or not as it is so illegible I have no idea what it actually says :idea:
  10. They want me to send some documentation i.e. passport/driving licence with my signature on and are saying do I think it could have been opened fraudulantly !!!! The account clearly was mine, however the signature on the illegible credit agreement isn't mine........just need to know based on these grounds is the agreement enforceable as it is illegible and what my next move need be....which letter goes next ??? Thanks again
  11. Thanks I did write back to Capquest to say that signature was not mine see attached Capquest letter !!!! Will write an account in dispute letter to both Capquest and Capital One suffice on the grounds that the agreement is illegibale with someone elses signature ???
  12. Can anyone help me and tell me if they think the attached agreement is enforceable ??? It is as clear or unclear as it looks in the picture.....it is virtually illegible with a signature that is not actually mine !!! Pictures by strongbowhead - Photobucket Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Anyone out there willing to take a look and help me with what to do next ??? Thanks
  14. Yep looking back think I did get one of these letters months ago !!!
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